• They take care of business quickly and efficiently which I love...
    • Syntax has always been ahead of the curve with new technology... Syntax continues to be consistent with a determination...
    • My experiences working with the professionals at Syntax has been nothing less than extraordinary
    • Syntax [is] the perfect distribution partner... [their] customer service is very attentive...
      —Adel Meisenheimer
    • They have great customer service and are always ahead of current trends.
      —Scott Godsey
    • Syntax is a perfect combination of old school work ethic, honor, and values... I've never known them to be any less than the top in their field.
      —Troy Collins

In a nutshell…

Syntax Distribution is one of the top independent digital distributors and aggregators representing nearly 40,000 songs. In an age where old systems are dying, Syntax gives their ever-growing list of clients excellent exposure by strategically placing their music in front of a world-wide audience. Syntax has utilized the changes in the music industry by building incredible relationships and positioning independents on equal ground with major labels through digital distribution. Syntax Distribution will not only serve your present needs, but will continue to look to the future to find new means of exposure and revenue streams keeping you on the cutting edge of distribution.



Timothy J. Trudeau


Timothy J. Trudeau is an entrepreneurial force whose creative expertise and leadership skills turned him into a business mogul in his 20s. Whether it’s artist management, grassroots promotion or brand building, he is hands-on. Trudeau doesn’t let anything hold him …

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Brandon Musser

Content Manager

Brandon Musser manages the complex and highly technical operations of storing, encoding, and delivering content for Syntax Creative. Since 2005, he’s overseen intake and output of all of the digital assets for both the proprietary label as well as all …

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Chad Horton

Marketing & Social

Chad wears many hats. He also has many different duties. Thanks to his vast experience, it’s no problem. Although Chad is originally from the bay area, it was until his stint living in Indiana as a concert promoter that he was first …

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Jeremiah Bonds

Customer Development

Customer Development Although he’s currently the youngest on staff, his talent and aptitude stretches beyond his years. Recruited right out of high school by Syntax CEO Tim Trudeau, Bonds came on board to manage the company’s needs for daily shipments of physical …

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Ian Polanco

Creative Director

Creative Director Ian Polanco’s specialty at Syntax is making things look pretty. He arrived to work in 2005 via 94 west. A graduate of Laguna College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design, Ian is …

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Donell Johnson

Publishing & Licensing

Donell Johnson oversees the Publishing and Licensing aspects of Syntax as well as overall contract administration. He is responsible for managing the company’s ever-expanding library of copyrights. He is passionate about creating a space in the entertainment industry for creative …

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