RockSoul Entertainment

Lee Jerkins, CEO of RockSoul Productions has been an advocate of the Holy Hip-Hop & Urban Music Movement for the last decade. His constant mission has been to develop artists that are sold out for Christ and prepare their ministry for global impact. It has been his long-time passion to fulfill the great commission through the arts and entertainment. “I believe that God can redeem the arts such as singing, dancing, rap, acting, etc. and use them as tools to win the lost. It is especially glorifying to God when artists reverence the Lord with their gifts and choose not to compromise their faith for the sake of true ministry and true servant-hood”. Jerkins, commends and admires those artists that he believes are equally as capable as their secular counter-parts but have chosen to live a life of sacrifice. In addition to being passionate and driven, Lee is a stickler for excellence. “We cannot change the world with sub-par material and ability. We need people to hear this life-changing message, but they will only stop to listen when there are no distractions.” So in the interim Jerkins continues to influence his artist’s to put their best foot forward and challenge himself to greater levels.

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