Jaguar Land Rover Adds Rdio Unlimited Music Subscription to its InControl Apps Platform Rdio, a leading global music streaming service, announces an exclusive partnership with Bosch to integrate the best unlimited music subscription service into dashboards of vehicles internationally through the new Bosch … READ WHOLE STORY»
New Partnerships with DTS, Google, Hisense & LG Electronics Rdio, the global music streaming service, today announces partnerships with consumer electronics heavyweights that will continue to provide Rdio listeners with the broadest possible access to their favorite music anytime, anywhere, on any … READ WHOLE STORY»
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On January 2, 2015, Good Fruit Co singer, rapper, and instrumentalist Sam Ock will be releasing his second full-length album, GREY, worldwide. Spanning eleven tracks, the LP will feature guest appearances from vocalist Ruth Cho and label-mate J. Han. GREY is an … READ WHOLE STORY»