Play MPE

Play MPE® is the music industry standard for digital delivery, the most widely used digital delivery system in North America. It’s the preferred choice of music industry professionals, used by all four majors as well as thousands of independent labels.

Play MPE® delivers music to the relevant recipients of your choice. All recipients on our servicing lists are verified industry professionals. It also helps eliminate unauthorized leaks with our proprietary inaudible watermarking technology.

Play MPE® delivers broadcast quality HD audio, ensuring your music meets the highest standards for radio airplay. Play MPE® Player integrates with most of the scheduling systems used by radio stations.

Play MPE® allows you to promote your artist with a rich multimedia experience (cover art, promotional photos, attachments, promotional info and metadata, links and more). It also offers multi-platform availability of your content to your recipients: Windows, Mac and iOS Players, as well as Direct-to-Web access from any major browser on any system.