Ethan Burkhardt

We love working with Syntax. They are always prompt answering emails and truly seem to have a passion for what they do. With some of the much larger companies we have worked with in the past we seemed to be an afterthought. It is nice to actually get placements to show our artists that our distributors are working for us and trying to widen our exposure. I would recommend the guys at Syntax.

    • Syntax is a perfect combination of old school work ethic, honor, and values... I've never known them to be any less than the top in their field.
      —Troy Collins
    • Syntax has always been ahead of the curve with new technology... Syntax continues to be consistent with a determination...
    • Syntax [is] the perfect distribution partner... [their] customer service is very attentive...
      —Adel Meisenheimer
    • They have great customer service and are always ahead of current trends.
      —Scott Godsey
    • They take care of business quickly and efficiently which I love...
    • My experiences working with the professionals at Syntax has been nothing less than extraordinary
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