Until recently, labels relied on the major distributors to get their music to fans. That was because the job of pressing records and CDs and getting them onto store shelves is a daunting one. Along came the Internet. Now, it’s no longer necessary for fans to go to their local record stores to sample and purchase music. They can listen to samples online and download MP3s or have CDs mailed to their homes. This fundamental change in consumer behavior and convenience is causing distribution methods to change, as seen in the number of download retailers that have emerged in recent years.

This is where Syntax Creative comes into play. Online retailers- like Microsoft and Apple- rely on a new breed of distributors, like Syntax Creative, to manage it for them. Why pick up 1000 independent artists and have to write 1000 checks, when you could pick up one distributor with 1000 artists and write one check? Just as it is hard for an artist or independent label to negotiate deals with all of the leading physical retailers, it is near impossible for a retailer to negotiate with all of the independent artists and labels it would like to carry. Syntax Distribution makes both labels and retailers happy.

And today, Syntax Creative, is one of the top independent digital distributors and aggregators representing nearly 60,000 songs. Syntax handles many of the top independent record labels including Central South, Crossroads Music, and iShine, among others.