Music Discovery is a term that’s thrown around a lot. How are people finding new music? Whether it’s an artist they have followed for years or a new artist, it can be hard for fans to keep up with the influx of music each week. 

So how do you as an artist combat this? Tools like Spotify’s Release Radar are designed to help. The Release Radar is a personalized playlist feature designed to keep users up-to-date with the latest music releases. Updated every Friday, this playlist curates new songs and albums tailored to the listener’s taste, drawing from artists they follow and those whose music aligns with their preferences.

The Release Radar algorithm analyzes how users listen. It looks at what tracks they play often, what songs they like, and what artists they follow. This data-driven approach ensures that the playlist reflects the listener’s changing musical interests. It makes the playlist dynamic and engaging for discovering new music.

Release Radar’s appeal lies in its convenience and personalization. Instead of manually sifting through new releases, users receive a ready-made playlist that introduces them to fresh tracks they are likely to enjoy. This feature is particularly beneficial for avid music fans who want to stay current without investing a lot of time searching for new music.


So how do you get your new music on Release Radar? 

It’s pretty simple. You distribute your music to Spotify more than seven days before the release date. You don’t have to do anything special. Your followers get songs from your new release in their Release Radar. You don’t need to pitch a song, but if you do, the song you pitched is the track that will be included in the release radar. 


Here are some general rules about Release Radar:

  • Deliver your music at least seven days before release to get your music on Release Radar in the first week.
  • If a follower has already listened to the track, it will not be included in their Release Radar, but another track from the release might be. 
  • To be included in the Release Radar of your fans, you must be a main or featured artist. Songs by “Various Artists” are also not included in Release Radar. 
  • The song must be entirely new. Spotify does not include re-releases in Release Radar.
  • Each listener only gets one song per artist per week.
  • Your song will stay in the Release Radar up to four weeks after the release if the fan has not yet listened to it. 


How do I know my song is on the Release Radar? 

To see if your release is streaming on your followers or new fans Release Radar, you’ll need to check your Spotify For Artists account. Check the “Playlists” tab of your song’s stats. If your song was included in Release Radar, you will see it and the data there.