DIE-REK releases video for ‘Praises of Men’

Canadian hip hop artist DIE-REK hit the scene in 2005 and has never looked back. Although his highest Billboard chart successes have come as a producer, DIE-REK’s recognition as a flow master comes in high regard and continues to release project after project with Illect Recordings—keeping this equal parts beats-minded and vocal prowess in demand.

Watch the new video for “Praises of Men” from his Nov, 8, 2019 LP The Dying Ones:


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“Praises of Men” lyrics:
Chorus | I can’t live life, and call it my own
I never chose to be here
My Power is none

Walking out my own salvation
Focused on Him
But’s it’s hard when we all love
Praises of Men”

1st Verse | I do a lot of things I don’t want to
Can’t say I didn’t mean it
We all got a choice
Even ones that be fienen
Some beg to differ?
Ya, those that be fienen
Please don’t forget that you are a human being
NO matter what your readin’
Drive yourself crazy
Not seeing promises, faith must be lazy
Or Maybe
My history is just a little different
I am not my past
But it does affect my present
Or better yet my presence
Here’s what I’m presenting
Observe the lineage of those representing
Observe the hook ups
“Holla if ya hear me”
Yes God promotes
But so does man “clearly”
Merely Merely life is but a dream
For some a nightmare
If you got no C.R.E.A.M
Is that fleshy
Flesh don’t test me
Brother speaks his heart
Deacons might come arrest me
Some will get it….
Some won’t
Some got it made
Some don’t
It’s just the different avenues on this flight
It’s not by power or might
If not for Power I might just…


2nd Verse | 3 years in an institute
Had me on a Journey
I have more favour, I am more worthy
Lord have us Mercy
Things turned out perfect
I don’t lack money
Tell me was it all worth it?
Peace and sanity
Please don’t be mad at me
Talking to myself
Why you listen to me casually
Faiths been challenged
That is mos definite
Gained some, lost some
More ass than deficits
Oops said a bad word
I meant to say assets
More than deficits
I’m said to get
Out of proportion
Give more than receive
I work HARD
Choose that over the plead
Focus on self
Thinking within
And figure why I really do this
…Praises of men…