Digital Essentials

In an age where the music industry is increasingly dominated by the digital realm, staying relevant and achieving success as an artist or music professional requires a deep understanding of the evolving landscape. Digital Essentials is an ongoing course designed to provide invaluable insights and practical guidance for artists and their teams looking to grow their careers in this digital-driven music industry. Come back weekly for crash courses in everything from basic knowledge to new and evolving trends.

Why You Should Be Telling Your Story & How To Do It

Erin Moorman

It only takes one listen for someone to like your music. But for someone to love your music, they want to know you. The best fans think you’re their friend. Take Taylor Swift, for example. Her fans know her so well they think they’re close to a person they’ve never met—and likely never will.

Let’s talk how to make friends. It’s easier than you think.

How to Write an Artist Bio

Erin Moorman

One of the hardest things to do is to look at a blank page. It must be why artists rarely have a sufficient biography—if they have one at all. How do you overcome the blank-page roadblock?

The Dos & Don’ts of Song Narratives

Erin Moorman

Outside of the song itself, a song narrative—the story behind the song—is the number one way to stand out to an editor. That’s a connection you need to happen so they can add you to a playlist.

7 Characteristics of a Great Press Photo

Erin Moorman

Press photos are probably the greatest weakness of most artists’ marketing. Everywhere you look, there are screens. Big screens, small screens, tall screens, short screens, attached screens, detached screens. Before my inner Dr. Seuss takes all the way over… I want to be clear that high-quality photos are often the difference between one artist filling all of that digital real estate over another.

Why You Shouldn’t Promote a Release Before Submitting for Distribution

Erin Moorman

Promoting your release on social media before sending it out for distribution is unfruitful in most cases. It can have several negative implications for the success of your release.