New Music Friday — Apr. 10, 2020

April 10, 2020

DATIN | “Jungle” feat. Dre Knowss

Christian, Hip hop, rap; Menace Movement – STREAM / BUY single

Datin, core member of the Menace Movement collective, is one of the most sought after artists on the Christian hip hop scene today. His 2016 debut LP The Roar garnered Top 20 Billboard chart positions and he’s never looked back since. Collaborators on “Jungle” feature Shiwan, Parris Chariz & production by Dre Knowss.


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Southern gospel; Horizon Records — STREAM / BUY single

Once again sharing the news of God’s promises, The Inspirations have released their new album, Ever Old, Ever New on Horizon Records. Though the Biblical messages stay the same, the stories never get old for those who hear them and are uplifted by God’s promises, and The Inspirations hope to continue to spread the gospel with this new release.

Inspiring the album’s title, the first single “Forever Settled” captures that theme of God’s truth never changing. Featuring Roland Kesterson on the verses, the song then breaks into a true traditional quartet style, with Marlin Shubert stepping out on the bass vocal.


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The Inspirations sing about keeping the Church traditions alive on “1945” and “I Like The Songs That Mama Sang The Best.” A reminder of a simpler time, “1945” features Archie Watkins singing about keeping the tenets of church alive, and not losing the power of services. “I Like The Songs That Mama Sang The Best,” a remake of an Inspirations classic, takes listeners back in time with vivid memories of hymns that have become traditional in church.

On Ever Old, Ever New, The Inspirations also explore how to live a faithful life that will get us to heaven. “Show Them Love,” written by Sandy Knight and producer Jeff Collins, explains that the best way to answer the call to share the gospel is to act in the image of Jesus and love everyone you meet. The upbeat “Enter In” features a country sound and Wyatt Austin on bass vocals. After living a faithful life, Jesus will welcome you as you enter into heaven. “Then What” caught Watkins’ ear because of how it tells life’s story. People plan and work hard throughout life, but rarely do they give life after this one much thought, even though it is inevitable.

The only instrumental on the album, the classic “I’ll Fly Away” features Luke Vaught playing guitars, keyboards, pedal steel, upright bass, mandolin, dobro and fiddle.

Other songs include “He Turned When I Touched Him” about reaching out to God to be made whole; “Home Is Sounding Sweeter,” written and sung by Kesterson; “Knowing You’re There” a reminder to thank God for blessings featuring Eddie Deitz; and “On The Right Side,” which closes the album with the crucifixion story and finding salvation through Christ.

While keeping their signature style, The Inspirations have crafted a collection of songs that speak powerfully to those who hear them. Ever Old, Ever New reaffirms The Inspirations’ place as one of Southern Gospel’s most beloved groups.

ADRIEL CRUZ | “Don’t Act Like You Know Me”

Christian, hip hop/rap; World Renegade Music — STREAM / BUY single

Reaching Billboard breakthrough success in 2015, Adriel Cruz (formerly SKRIP) 16 years of performing, producing, songwriting and charting achievements are the tip of the iceberg—Cruz is also a national conference speaker, a music producer veteran, is the visionary leader and CEO of World Renegade Music.


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K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Newselph | “The Simple Life”

Hip hop/rap; Illect Recordings — STREAM / BUY single

Keeping their rap-game global, U.K.’s K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and Canadian producer Newselph team-up for this latest joint, “The Simple Life.” In London, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. has been known for spitting on prestigious stages such as BBC Radio 1, the BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire stage at Secret Garden Party, and Strawberry Fair Music & Performing Arts Festival.


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STREETLIGHTS | Salmos // Libro 1 (Capítulos 1-41)

Christian, Hip hop, spoken word; Streetlights Bible — STREAM / BUY album


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HAROLD J | I Might Be Talking About You

Christian, comedy; Dlorah Music Group — STREAM / BUY album


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