New Music Friday — Apr. 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

FUTURES | “You Hold it All” & “Father’s Love” added to Reborn EP

Christian, worship/praise; Influencers Music – STREAM / BUY EP

For Futures, the worship movement at Influencers Church—a Hillsong family church—their desire is to raise up a tribe of fearless dreamers that would influence their worlds for Jesus with a creative expression that is captivating and powerful. A global effort, Influencers Church has six campuses in Australia, and four in the Greater Atlanta area.


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JON STICKLEY TRIO | Scripting the Flip

Americana; Organic Records — STREAM / BUY album

The Jon Stickely Trio, known for creating genre-defying acoustic music, continues to do so on their fifth album and Organic Records debut, Scripting The Flip, now available.

Rooted in the traditions of bluegrass but combining gypsy jazz, avant garde, rock and even EDM music into a powerfully unique sound, the Trio — which features Jon Stickley on guitar, Lyndsay Pruett on violin and Hunter Deacon on drums — has crafted songs that are intelligent, joyful and unconventional, something the Trio’s rapidly growing and increasingly devoted fan base has come to expect.

Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters says, “The Jon Stickley Trio makes music of the absolute highest quality. Their new album is replete with virtuosity, chops and innovative compositions, while demonstrating a firm grasp on a wide spectrum of genres. But that’s not why I’m playing Scripting the Flip on repeat. This music moves me! Jon, Lyndsay and Hunter back up their technical ability with an abundance of substance and emotion. The JS3 sound more like a synchronous unit than ever before, and their new record takes every aspect of their game up a notch.”

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A series of singles preceding Scripting The Flip’s release show the band’s ability to weave a multitude of strands into one coherent, distinctive fabric.

The first, “Animate Object,” is an intelligent blend of jazz, latin, and dance music. It’s unconventional and alluring, making it a perfect example of the group’s twist on acoustic-based music. “The world is a swirling collection of objects passing through space and time. As humans, we have our own orbits that intersect with others as we live in the world. ‘Animate Object’ explores the idea of different musical orbits coming together to create something unexpected,” says Stickley.

Inspired by the late night festival sets the Trio loves to play, where it often takes on a life of its own, “Don’t Slip” is the group’s dance anthem. “Overall this song is one of the most ‘us’ tracks we’ve ever recorded,” says Stickley. “It’s about the freedom to explore and get lost in the groove, and when it takes over, make sure not to slip!”

The third is a characteristically witty yet deeply rooted take on a bluegrass classic: legendary fiddler Kenny Baker’s “Bluegrass In The Backwoods.” Stickley adds, “The tune captures one of the coolest aspects of bluegrass: its ability to naturally incorporate other genres and styles. It’s easy to hear the influences of gypsy jazz, and even bebop in the phasing of the melody.”

These, with the album’s 8 other instrumental offerings, move through moods that evolve over the course of the album and even within the tracks themselves. More highlights include “Driver,” with guest banjoist Andy Thorn of Leftover Salmon, which reunites Stickley with a long-time friend and former bandmate in a slice of modern Colorado ‘grass, and the title track, “Scripting the Flip,” where intricately geometrical musical phrases act as a metaphor for this Trio’s aim, blending and extending a style rooted in one world but entering another.

In this way, the Jon Stickley Trio transcends the standards of acoustic music with a wide range of influences masterfully integrated into a signature approach. The collection sums up the Jon Stickley Trio: A three way collaboration expressing music that comes from the heart and the mind and speaks to both.


Christian hip hop/rap; Streetlights Bible — STREAM / BUY single

Streetlights—now a 501c3 non-profit—began its humble roots in Chicago in the mid-2000s among three close friends. The light switch flipped when they recorded scripture readings over hip hop beats—the whole city listened, and young people and leaders from all over Chicago exclaimed, “We need this!” Thus, an urban ministry was born.



Bluegrass; Pinecastle Records — STREAM / BUY single

Lindley Creek‘s musical roots are strong, stemming from the Ozark Hills’ rich legacy of bluegrass and gospel music. But, this family and their unique and personal brand of Acoustic music isn’t just about where the art form has been … it’s very much about where it is going. And, be assured, in the capable and caring hands of Lindley Creek, it’s going places!


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