New Music Friday — Jan. 10, 2020

January 10, 2020

JAMIE GRACE | “Dream Big”

Christian; Good Eye Management — STREAM / BUY single

Jamie Grace is a Dove Award-winning, K-LOVE Fan Awards-winning, and 2x GRAMMY/Billboard-nominated singer, songwriter and actress based in Los Angeles, California. At just 19, she earned her first GRAMMY and Billboard Award nominations, while taking home New Artist of the Year at the annual Dove Awards in Nashville. To date she has four #1 radio singles in addition to her latest album titled ’91 (STREAM/BUY) reaching a Billboard #1.

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Christian, Worship/praise; Vineyard Music — STREAM / BUY album

Consistently releasing songs and artists that hit the Top 100 most-sung songs in churches today (source, CCLI), Vineyard Worship‘s growing catalogue has been enjoyed, performed, and sung by churches the world over for two-plus decades. Steeped-in-history, Vineyard Church—parent organization for Vineyard Worship—is a worldwide movement with over 2,500 churches globally. HERE is a culmination of a years-long project in which the Vineyard Worship collective released a new single the first week of every month of 2019.

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SIDELINE | Breaks to the Edge

Bluegrass; Mountain Home Music Company — STREAM / BUY album

Award-winning bluegrass artist Sideline releases Breaks to the Edge | Bluegrass powerhouse Sideline is keeping the momentum from a successful 2018 release and a major IBMA award going with its new album, Breaks to the Edge, now available from Mountain Home Music Company.

Following the band’s great success with its acclaimed release Front and Center (STREAM/BUY) and its single, “Thunder Dan”—which topped the year-end chart as the #1 Bluegrass song in radio, and followed that accolade by winning the IBMA’s Song of the Year in 2019 — Breaks to the Edge, is a collection of songs that range from high-energy traditional Bluegrass to progressive destinations and all points in between.


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Reflecting the North Carolina group’s roots and experiences, the set includes stories of traveling troubadours like that told in their radio single, “Return to Windy Mountain,” (STREAM/BUY single) a nostalgic reminiscence of country living in “Southern Wind,” a classic bluegrass ballad of tragedy, “Down in the Willow Garden,” the reproachful Stanley Brothers favorite, “Your Selfish Heart” and more.

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On the more progressive side, Breaks to the Edge offers a cover of Steve Wariner’s “Crash Course in the Blues,” with Skip Cherryholmes taking the vocal lead on a wry tale that justifies the album title with Southern-rock style jams. At the other end of the spectrum, the classic southern gospel song “I’ll Live Again” highlights Sideline’s refined vocal abilities with supremely blended 4-part harmony.

The high lead vocal of guitarist Bailey Coe flies above Sideline’s blended harmonies in a pair of furiously up-tempo barnburners (“Digging My Own Grave” and “Roll On Blues”), providing a flavorful contrast to Troy Boone’s aggressive lead vocals and mandolin playing on the tragic love song “Amy.” Supple, energetic fiddling from Daniel Greeson spurs songs like “Square Dance Town” but also lends a haunting, mournful opening to “Return to Windy Mountain.”

Throughout, the band’s tight mix of power and dynamics is driven by the pocket and pulse of original member Steve Dilling’s award winning banjo and co-founder Jason Moore’s bass, while Cherryholmes, the third colleague at the group’s heart, dishes up impressive flatpicking from start to finish.

With a loaded national performance schedule and now their 5th studio album,Sideline continues to be a tour de force in bluegrass. Breaks to the Edge captures this power, making a statement that Sideline will continue to do what’s propelled them to this point.


Christian, gospel; M.A.N.D.A.T.E. Records — STREAM / BUY single

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Laos in Harmony is a gospel group that takes their name from the Greek word for “people.” Symbolic of their mission, Laos in Harmony envisions bringing people together through the healing power of music.

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Southern gospel, Christian; Sonlite Records — STREAM / BUY album

Master’s Voice releases ‘Solace,’ finding peace in God’s word | Master’s Voice is finding comfort in God’s promises on Solace, their new album now available from Sonlite Records.

Solace recognizes there will be life after death, and therefore it isn’t something to be feared. With powerful and moving moments, Master’s Voice brings hope to the weary and finds peace in the gospel.

The album begins with “Let Us Not Grow Weary,” a song about keeping a positive attitude and spreading God’s word, even when the world is a difficult place. It’s followed by “He’s Coming Back,” the first radio single, detailing Christ’s return to Earth. T.J. Evans, singing lead, shares that day will be joyful for those headed to their eternal home.

“Why should I worry with the sinful world / I’m getting ready to leave / He’s coming back, I’m going home / Soon I’m gonna see the face of the one I’ve waited for so long.”


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Solace has quiet reverent moments with “The Things Only God Can Do,” featuring Ricky Capps marveling at God’s power and the miracles only He can accomplish, and “Pray Through Me,” describing how hopelessness can be turned over to the Holy Spirit.

Songs like “Because I Said So” and “Took It All Away”—which features David Folenius—remind us to trust in God’s plan as He’s given us all we need to live and thrive before reaching eternal life.

In “At Home,” featuring Jerry Pilgrim, Master’s Voice tells of learning about Heaven and all the wonders it will hold. “Five Minutes” reminds that diligently living as a follower of Christ will allow you to reach that promised land, and the haunting “Thinking Outside The Grave” serves as a warning to not be shortsighted and to remember life continues after death.

> WATCH the official video for “Thinking Outside of the Grave” on, please CLICK HERE

Other tracks include “This Same Jesus,” “Peace Like A River,” and “Last Of The Last Days.”

As a collection, Solace is a statement of being at peace with God’s plan for all life and a reminder of the glories Heaven promises after death.


KRISTY COX | “No Headlights”

Bluegrass; Mountain Fever Records — STREAM / BUY single

Mountain Fever Records is pleased to bring bluegrass fans the third single and title track from the upcoming new album from Kristy Cox! The single, “No Headlights” (STREAM/BUY) is available TODAY, Jan. 7, 2020!

Australian Golden Guitar winner and all around bluegrass favorite, Kristy Cox, brings yet another incredible song to bluegrass fans. “No Headlights” was written by Liz Hengber, Tammy Rogers, and Jerry Salley. Kristy’s delivery is perfect as she sings the tale of a friend who vows to make sure her friend is never abused again. It’s dark, it’s sassy… the perfect song for Kristy to sing!

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The track features Kristy Cox with lead vocal, Jason Roller on guitar and fiddle, Mike Bub on bass, Justin Moses on mandolin and resonator guitar, Aaron McDaris on banjo, and Tammy Rogers and Jerry Salley with harmony vocals.

Kristy’s last album, Ricochet debuted as a Billboard #1 in 2018. Those who have listened to her new album, due out on February 28, 2020, agree this project will be no different.

How the superstar singer, songwriter, small business owner, and mother of two does it, is mystery to the common human, but Kristy waltzes through her life with a joy and energy that is nothing short of addicting. Enjoy her single, “No Headlights” today and look for her new album with the same name SOON!


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