New Music Friday — June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

JAMIE GRACE | “Live About It (lo-fi)”

Christian; Good Eye Management – STREAM / BUY single

Jamie Grace is a Dove Award-winning, K-LOVE Fan Awards-winning, and 2x GRAMMY/Billboard-nominated singer, songwriter and actress based in Los Angeles, California. At just 19, she earned her first GRAMMY and Billboard Award nominations, while taking home New Artist of the Year at the annual Dove Awards in Nashville. To date she has four #1 radio singles in addition to her latest album titled ’91 reaching a Billboard #1. A burning thought and canvas unfinished, Jamie completes and releases this track inspired by the recent events happening in America. A message within the message, the cover art actually shows, “TALK About It,” with “talk” appropriately scribbled out and replaced with the word “LIVE.”


CARLEY ARROWOOD | “The Ballad of Calvary”

Bluegrass, Americana; Mountain Home Music Company — STREAM / BUY single

On the heels of her debut single “Dear Juliana,” Carley Arrowood is quickly becoming a consequential new voice in bluegrass and Americana music. With a vocal delivery that contains sincerity and power—and musical ideas that cover territory beyond the assumed landscape—Arrowood shows depth and insight.

For her new single on the Mountain Home Music Company label, Arrowood delivers a heartfelt “The Ballad of Calvary,” memorably framing the sacred story of the crucifixion in a setting that reaches through the sounds of her Appalachian musical heritage to find their Celtic roots.

Surrounded by tin whistle, guitar, electric bass, percussion, and her own fiddle, the singer’s voice recounts the familiar tale in a rising, cinematic arc that leads from hushed contemplation to the bold assertion of faith in the song’s closing line: “the story doesn’t end at Calvary.”



For Arrowood, who wrote it, “The Ballad of Calvary” is a gift.

“All I really know to say about this song is that the Lord gave it to me. Three years ago I was messing around on the guitar while watching a movie called ‘Son Of God,’” she recalls. “And in the scene where Jesus is carrying His cross through Jerusalem to Calvary, the first line of the song just hit me: ‘He’s the beautiful Savior.’ I played some minor chords and came up with the progression, and I knew right then it was going to be an emotional, Celtic-sounding song. After that, my heart rate went up. I prayed, ‘Lord if you want me to write this song, give me the words. I don’t want to mess this up.’ Five days later, the night before our homecoming service at church, I was tweaking the last chorus and it was like God said, ‘Stop, Carley. It’s done.’ I got chills and started crying happy tears, and I sang it at church the next morning.”

“I hope this ballad helps listeners know that God truly does love them, so much that He sent Jesus to Calvary to die for them,” Arrowood continues. “But more importantly, as they’ll hear in the last line, the story doesn’t end there, because He was raised to life again so they may have new life in Him.”

BOONE & FOSTER | “County Fool”

Bluegrass; Mountain Fever Records — STREAM / BUY single

Mountain Fever Records is pleased to be releasing this brand new single from Boone & Foster, “County Fool” and it’s available today! The song is penned by Patrick McDougal and is one of several “favorites” in the selection Boone & Foster are bringing to the studio from their time performing for audiences at Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery. Fans there range from hardcore bluegrass fanatics to people who have never seen or heard a banjo before. No matter what knowledge of bluegrass each audience had, there was a certain pool of musical material that spoke to everyone, musicians included. These shows are what has inspired Boone & Foster to record the upcoming project Smokey Mountain Favorites. With such a well-practiced band, we’re sure you’ll love this version of “County Fool.”

Artists: Troy Boone – Lead Vocals/Mandolin, Aaron “Frosty” Foster – Guitar, Aaron Ramsey – Bass, Daniel Greeson – Tenor Vocals/Fiddle, Brady Wallen – Banjo


RAY CARDWELL | “Rising Sun”

Americana; Bonfire Music Group — STREAM / BUY single

Ray Cardwell is back with his brand new inspiring single, “Rising Sun.” Co-written by the Missouri native alongside songwriting veteran Louisa Branscomb, the track serves as the first release from the forthcoming Bonfire Music Group project, Just A Little Rain. The straight-ahead Bluegrass album includes 10 new recordings, and is set for release on September 25, 2020. The entire collection was produced by Bluegrass mainstay and Grascals mandolinist Danny Roberts.

“This is the first song I’ve ever written with Louisa. I knew her of course from her awards and reputation as a skilled songwriter,” says Cardwell. “I really love getting a chance to write with another songwriter. It’s good for new ideas, and when people hear a song I wrote and add to it, making it into something else, that’s when I get excited! That’s the creative collaboration I live for. Louisa’s lyrics were spot on and conversation-like. We just musically talked out all our fears, frustrations and hope.”



With so much chaos and uncertainty looming in the world, Cardwell channeled that feeling to deliver a COVID-19 message of inspiration. With deep lyrics like, “the sun will rise like it always does, like a promise from the lord above” the takeaway is clear. It ends with the main point from the track, which is that “the rising sun will set us free.” The single, along with the entire project, was recorded in Nashville at Scott Vestal’s Digital Underground.

“I guess I’d just say that the situation has either invited or demanded that we grow and change very suddenly and take new risks and live creatively,” says Louisa Branscomb about the song. “And that I am a private writer, I don’t co-write much, but I was so glad I took the risk and messaged Ray about something I said on Facebook that I thought would make a cool song and we just jumped in and did it! And got to know each other in the process and it’s one of those unexpected small blessings in the middle of all this.”

When Just A Little Rain becomes available later this year, fans can expect Cardwell to pick up right where he left off. In addition to the lead single, the chart-topper’s powerful four-octave voice is on display from start to finish. Standout cuts like the title-track serve as a constant reminder of the singer’s staying-power. Getting his start performing regionally with The Cardwell Family in the Show-Me State, the collection of tracks were heavily inspired by the singer’s humble upbringing, which included stops at venues and Bluegrass festivals throughout the 70s and 80s, along with performing as a member of New Tradition in the 90s. The album closes by showing a softer side of Cardwell in “Constant State of Grace,” which is a heartfelt ballad about moving on. From start to finish, Just A Little Rain is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, things will always get better.

The upcoming album serves as the follow-up to Ray Cardwell’s critically-acclaimed sophomore release, Stand On My Own. The project produced three No. 1 hits on the Bluegrass Today airplay charts, while multiple singles spent several months in the Top Ten on the Grassicana Weekly Airplay Chart. Two of the tracks, “Hurricane Rain” and “Alright” both finished in the Top Five songs on the Grassicana charts for the entire year of 2019.

As more details emerge on the forthcoming album, fans can stay up to date with all things Ray Cardwell by visiting his official website to find latest updates, news stories and more!


SOULSEIZE | “Mobula”

Hip hop; Illect Recordings — STREAM / BUY single

Heavily influenced by the 90s hip hop culture, SoulSeize‘s soulful and jazzy melodies underlayed with heavy-hitting drums have become a trademark of his musical compositions. From making beats and recording vocals to arranging and mixing, the purveyor of vivid boom bap tunes covers every stage of the hip hop production.


LEXZ PRYDE | “Pull Me”

Pop; Cymaticz, LLC — STREAM / BUY single

Brittany Rose Peechatka, professionally known as Lexz Pryde, is an American recording artist, songwriter, dancer, model, and influencer based in New York City and calls Pennsylvania home. She released her first single “Motivate” featuring Snoop Dogg in 2016, and subsequently opened up for him on his Holiday Tour and Super Bowl Week the same year. “Motivate” enjoyed airplay from Chicago to the Northeast—she is anticipating the release of her next LP.


ANDRE HENDERSON | “Deeper Inside Your Intellect”

R&B; UOTH Priductions — STREAM / BUY single


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