New Music Friday — June 5, 2020

June 5, 2020

THE OLD PATHS | What Love Does

Christian, Southern gospel; Sonlite Records – STREAM / BUY album

Following a year in which they released two albums and had a #1 song with “Come Sunday Morning,” The Old Paths are sharing the many things God’s love can do on their new album, What Love Does, now available on all streaming platforms.

Each song captures the many ways God’s boundless love blesses each person, each day. What Love Does begins with “This Is Amazing Grace,” telling of all that God has done so that we may live with love and grace. It’s followed by the first single, “I Got The Grace, He Gets The Glory,” a high-energy and upbeat song describing how God is always a solid foundation to stand on, despite sins and trials.

“When I heard this song, I couldn’t help but think that this is the theme for life as a believer,” says bass singer Daniel Ashmore who is featured on this song. “I can’t take credit for something I didn’t do and something I didn’t earn, therefore I get the grace and He gets the glory! That’s a message we want to share and this song sums it up perfectly.”



“You Can’t Get Away From God,” written by Kenna Turner West, Sue C. Smith and Brian White and featuring Doug Roark, inspired the album’s title. Each verse tells vignettes of how people in tough places don’t think they’ll find relief, yet God is always there for comfort.

The powerful “Pray While You Wait” reminds that God’s timing is always perfect. When life feels impossible, know God will come through and you can always pray while you wait.

“Bread,” another upbeat song, illustrates how God can accomplish the impossible through the story of the loaves and fishes, while the instrumental “How Great Is Our God”—which features Ashmore on saxophone—allows listeners to feel the music, and pause to appreciate it.

“Look At All I Lost” and the final song “Salvation’s Song” talk about no longer being lost after finding Christ, and being freed from guilt, shame and the weight of life. With powerful and moving vocals, these songs capture the theme of the album’s title—God’s love is capable of amazing things.

“We are so excited about this new album. The title What Love Does is really the theme of the album, reflected in the song selection. We feel this is the best album we’ve done that really showcases our new sound with our current lineup,” says Ashmore. “Through our many failures and different circumstances in life, God exemplifies His love for us in His endless pursuit to save and change us. God is never late, and is always working all things for our good and His glory, because that’s what love does.”

ADRIEL CRUZ | “No Trouble”

Christian, Hip hop/rap; World Renegade Music — STREAM / BUY single

Reaching Billboard breakthrough success in 2015, Adriel Cruz (formerly SKRIP) 16 years of performing, producing, songwriting and charting achievements are the tip of the iceberg—Cruz is also a national conference speaker, a music producer veteran, is the visionary leader and CEO of World Renegade Music.



STREETLIGHTS | Psalms // Book 2 (Chapters 42-72)

Christian, Hip hop/rap, spoken word; Streetlights — STREAM / BUY album

Streetlights—now a 501c3 non-profit—began its humble roots in Chicago in the mid-2000s among three close friends. The light switch flipped when they recorded scripture readings over hip hop beats—the whole city listened, and young people and leaders from all over Chicago exclaimed, “We need this!” Thus, an urban ministry was born.



TURNING GROUND | “Reverend Jackson”

Bluegrass; Pinecastle Records — STREAM / BUY single

Bluegrass mainstay Turning Ground is back with their brand new single “Reverend Jackson,” released today via Pinecastle Records. The thought-provoking song carries on the tradition of what the band does best, which is telling an intriguing story through their music. It serves as the lead release from the upcoming Crazy House album, set for release later this year.

“Reverend Jackson is a song that I wrote while I was spending some time out in Los Angeles, CA. Life out there is completely different from my life here in the hills of Eastern KY, anything goes,” says lead singer Nathan Arnett. “I guess that got me thinking about some crazy song ideas. I don’t want to give the whole story of the song away before you hear it, but let’s just say that Reverend Jackson tends to be a bit promiscuous.”


The new single tells the story about a man who was put in jail for life without parole after a crime committed on the troubled Reverend Jackson. From there, the story evolves and listeners get a back-story about how the altercation came about. They borrow from the traditional sounds of yesterday and blend it with the contemporary sounds of today’s Bluegrass to deliver a solid drive to their music. The haunting sound of the song has a Hank Williams, Jr.-vibe that is completely unique yet inspired.

Turning Ground recorded the track, along with the rest of their upcoming Crazy House album in West Liberty, Kentucky at a home studio installed in Arnett’s basement. It has since been dubbed the Paranormal Underground Studio, which is the location where the group plans to record in the future. The full-length project, including the lead single, was recorded and mixed by member Jason Hale. Featuring 11-songs, Crazy House showcases Turning Ground’s signature Appalachian style, which stays true to their eastern Kentucky roots. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming collection.


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