New Music Friday — May 15, 2020

May 12, 2020

DOWN EAST BOYS | Faithful Still

Southern gospel; Sonlite Records – STREAM / BUY album

The Down East Boys use powerful music with themes of hope, love and faithfulness to spread God’s word on their new album, Faithful Still, now available from Sonlite Records.

The release follows a year and a half of the group gaining the attention of fans and tastemakers with three number one songs from their album, One Day In The Past.

“We are so excited for the release of this new project Faithful Still. With so much success from our last album with three consecutive #1 songs and award nominations, we knew we had a lot to live up to,” says lead singer Ricky Carden. “From the day of final song selection to the final mix day, we felt like we had succeeded in making another project that will inspire, encourage, and most of all, point people to Christ.”



The first radio single, “Amazing Amounts Of Amazing Grace,” begins the album on an upbeat note, with all four Down East Boys singing with an Oak Ridge Boys country feel. Stating “Every day the Lord displays amazing amounts of amazing grace,” this song reminds listeners to not overlook God’s presence in their daily lives.

“Those Hands” features Carden and tells the story of his grandfather, who was a source of strength throughout his life, helping and comforting others despite life’s hardships. “They’ve felt worn / They’ve felt alone / They’ve been places far from home / They’ve helped neighbors / They’ve helped friends / And they’ve shown me how I should live.” The song shifts, describing Christ as an even greater source of strength, no matter how many times we have to rely on Him.

The Down East Boys tell stories of the cross and resurrection on “I Hear,” which details the Easter story from Christ’s entry into Jerusalem through the resurrection; and “A Story That Began At The Cross,” written by Kenna Turner West, Sue Smith, and Jason Cox, about how life today all goes back to the sacrifice Christ made.

“What Love” with Doug Pittman taking lead, and “God Will, Yes He Will” featuring the whole group, describe God’s all-encompassing love and care for us and how no matter what’s going on, His goodness will carry us through and lift us up. Other songs include “Fall Like Jericho,” “Church Of The Living God” and “Bottom Of The Basket.”

The album closes with “Sweet Journey,” an uptempo song about savoring life with Christ at your side as a rock you can always rely on.

“The songwriters who contributed to this project gave us their best and our producer Jeff Collins challenged us vocally more this time than ever,” Carden adds. “Our prayer is that people will receive the message in these songs and that in the end, lives will be changed for the cause of Christ!”

LAUREN TALLEY | “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”

Southern gospel; Horizon Records — STREAM / BUY single

As the world faces this time of uncertainty, Lauren Talley hopes to help others feel peace with her new release, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow,” reminding followers of Christ they don’t need to worry about what lies ahead.

“I started singing this song around the house during the COVID-19 quarantine,” says Talley. “As time went on and dates canceled, a family member was laid off and the future looked more and more uncertain, I realized I probably wasn’t the only one who needed to be reassured by these words.”



“I started singing this song around the house during the COVID-19 quarantine,” says Talley. “As time went on and dates canceled, a family member was laid off and the future looked more and more uncertain, I realized I probably wasn’t the only one who needed to be reassured by these words.”

The song’s lyrics tell of living day-to-day, not knowing what comes next. Then, Talley sings of walking beside Christ during difficult times, adding “I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.”

Recorded at her father’s studio on the family farm, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” features Talley singing and playing piano alone, creating a few moments of powerful stillness and encouraging listeners to pause and reflect on what God can do.

“I hope you feel the peace I do when I sing it,” Talley adds.


Christian, Children’s/Kids; Yancy Ministries — STREAM / BUY EP

Yancy is back with a new “Little Praise Party” song along with her friend Funny Man Dan from Australia and Hillsong Kids. This song is about the Bible lesson of hungering and thirsting for more of God. Just like physical food makes your body strong, the spiritual food of reading the Bible and praying fills us up and makes us strong—Funny Man Dan asks all the questions kids might ask and adds some light-hearted banter to make this truth come alive and stick! This joyful, rock groove will have you singing along in no time.


K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Soulseize | “N.I.C.E.” (feat. DJ PA)

Hip hop, rap; Illect Recordings — STREAM / BUY single

Keeping their rap-game global, U.K.’s K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and Swiss producer Soulseize team-up for this latest joint, “N.I.C.E.” (New Insight Creates Enthusiasm). In London, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. has been known for spitting on prestigious stages such as BBC Radio 1, the BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire stage at Secret Garden Party, and Strawberry Fair Music & Performing Arts Festival. Soulseize counts James Gardin, Sivion & Cas Metah to his production credits, to name a few. Following his reflective stint from an unidentified park bench, K.I.N.E.T.I.K.’s usual stroll has become a full-fledged power walk filled with a feel-good pep in the step—this new collaborative single, “N.I.C.E.,” is like an inspirational quote that doesn’t annoy people.


THE ALEX LEACH BAND | “Take the Long Way Home”

Bluegrass; Mountain Home Music Company — STREAM / BUY album

For a bluegrass musician raised on the classic sounds of Ralph Stanley and other hardcore artists, finding your own musical path can be a challenge, but on “Take The Long Way Home,” Alex Leach and his eponymous band manage to simultaneously tip their hat to tradition and announce that they’re following in no one’s footsteps. Indeed, the debut single for Mountain Home Music Company, produced by Jim Lauderdale, shows off a healthy dose of creativity that builds on—but is never overwhelmed by—a variety of influences.

Simultaneously thoughtful and jaunty, melodic and philosophical, “Take The Long Way Home” was, fittingly enough, born on a drive—in this case, by Leach’s wife and bandmate Miranda. “The tune came to me while I was taking a long drive back home to clear my mind,” she recalls. “I was aiming to get some things out of my head and this song popped in instead. By the time I’d gotten home from a 25 minute drive, the chorus had been written.”



“I remember when Miranda first started writing it and thinking how catchy it was,” Alex adds. “What started as a chorus recorded in Miranda’s song notes became a full song written while we were out together for a countryside picnic. It was truly an effort written by us together.”

With its ever-changing chords and rush of lyrics, the song is reminiscent of the first wave of “progressive” bluegrass created by artists like the Country Gentlemen, but with a couple of unique twists. “The path less traveled leads me where I want to go…not the quickest way to get there, but adventure sure is somewhere,” Leach sings over driving rhythm, supple fiddle (from guest John Rigsby) and crackling banjo—and then the song flips to an unexpected yet just-right a capella chorus before a surprise key change brings Miranda’s soprano to the fore in a final reprise of the song’s essential message.

“I love Alex’s writing, picking and singing, and I think ‘Take The Long Way Home’ is a new classic,” says Lauderdale. “The Alex Leach Band really shines and shows how great they are together on this one. It’s a perfect intro to what is yet to come off of this album — a taste of what you can look forward to hearing in the future.”


Bluegrass; Mountain Home Music Company — STREAM / BUY single


ASHLEY K. DAVIS | “Wondrous Love”

Jazz; Divers Music — STREAM / BUY single


LEXZ PRYDE | “Take the Long Way Home”

Pop; Cymaticz LLC — STREAM / BUY single

Brittany Rose Peechatka, professionally known as Lexz Pryde, is an American recording artist, songwriter, dancer, model, and influencer based in New York City and calls Pennsylvania home. She released her first single “Motivate” featuring Snoop Dogg in 2016, and subsequently opened up for him on his Holiday Tour and Super Bowl Week the same year. “Motivate” enjoyed airplay from Chicago to the Northeast—she is anticipating the release of her next LP.



STREETLIGHTS & PRISIMS | “No Strings Attached” & “Todos Los Dias”

Christian, Hip hop/rap; Streetlights — STREAM / BUY singles “No Strings Attached” & “Todos Los Dias”

Streetlights—now a 501c3 non-profit—began its humble roots in Chicago in the mid-2000s among three close friends. The light switch flipped when they recorded scripture readings over hip hop beats—the whole city listened, and young people and leaders from all over Chicago exclaimed, “We need this!” Thus, an urban ministry was born.



COLEBROOK ROAD | “All You Need to Know”

Bluegrass; Mountain Fever Records — STREAM/BUY single

Colebrook Road‘s lead singer and guitar player Jesse Eisenbise has written this heartfelt song for the band in memory of their dear friend. “I wrote this song last summer while I was sitting on a cooler at a bluegrass festival. It was the day before the funeral service for our friend and former banjo player, so the song is in his memory. Recently, it’s taken on a whole new significance with the pandemic we’re going through. Everyone is isolated, all events are cancelled, and there is a lot of fear out there, so we’re in need of human connection more than ever. And that’s the gist of the song, that love between people is all you need to know.” – Jesse Eisenbise

“All You Need to Know (For MJW)” features the talents of the full band and a special guest: Mark Rast – banjo; Joe Mcanulty – fiddle, baritone vocals; Wade Yankey – mandolin; Jesse Eisenbise – guitar, lead vocals; Jeff Campbell – upright bass, tenor vocals; Amanda Cook (special guest) – soprano vocals


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