New Music Friday — October 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

JEREMY GARRETT | “The World Keeps Turning Around”

Americana; Organic Records – STREAM / BUY single

Jeremy Garrett is a master of deploying multiple instruments and modern technology to create a staggering variety of sounds on his solo work—his January Organic Records debut project, Circles, more than proved the point—but for his new single, the mountain-dwelling fiddler and vocalist for the Infamous Stringdusters keeps it bare bones simple. Written with frequent collaborator Jon Weisberger, “The World Keeps Turning Around” is a meditation on social media and human communication that needs nothing more than a guitar, a voice and the tiniest bit of multi-tracking alchemy to deliver a message that’s perfectly suited to the moment.

“These days it just seems like we are going around in circles with many of the conversations we are having—especially online,” Garrett observes. “Someone has a good idea for good change, and then the barrage of disagreements on how to achieve that fires up. When we look at the big picture though, are we all just beating our heads against a brick wall, so to speak? Never realizing how powerful all of us truly loving one another could be? Maybe that message is too simple and naive, but perhaps we need to break it all down, go back to the basics and realize that we are one country, one world. We can’t ever escape that, and when we learn from each other, we would never want to.”



“So the goal of this song for us,” he continues, “was to simply ask that question: are we going to keep heading down a path of division over and over and over again? Or can we ask ourselves what we can do to break this cycle?”

Yet timely as the song’s theme is, its simple instrumentation links it back to older, simpler kinds of music—an impression underlined by the song’s use of an ancient “additive” approach to its central lyric components, in which each verse introduces a new question or statement that is followed by a repeat of the previous verses’ lines. The blend of modern and traditional folk elements has been a hallmark of Garrett’s writing for years, but not always given the prominence it has here—and it’s that characteristic mix, applied to a topic that’s at once wholly novel and yet quintessentially timeless, that puts “The World Keeps Turning Around” in a musical class all its own.

DIE-REK & DJ SEAN P | “A Better Place”

Hip hop, rap; Illect Recordings – STREAM / BUY “Desert Flowers” single

Canadian hip hop artist DIE-REK hit the scene in 2005 and has never looked back. Although his highest Billboard chart successes have come as a producer, DIE-REK’s recognition as a flow master comes in high regard and continues to release project after project with Illect Recordings—keeping this equal parts beats-minded and vocal prowess in demand.



Southern Gospel; Crossroads Label Group – STREAM / BUY single

The Griggs family that makes up Endless Highway is known for combining diverse musical styles with compelling songs that communicate meaning and reflect on their personal journeys in Christ. It’s music with a message, intended to reach listeners, followers of Christ and those searching for redemption. The group’s new single, “He Rescued Me” is no different.

Showing a different side than their roots, acoustic treatment of songs, “He Rescued Me” is an ardent band performance that uses a string quartet and is arranged in a way that exudes boldness. The result is both tender and intense.



The Griggs family members—parents Jason and Venessa and their two children, Jay and Allison—deliver a four-part harmony chorus that gives a controlled, powerful dynamism meant to capture the redemptive moment of Grace over sin that comes with freedom in Christ.

“Then He rescued me
I’m glad He rescued me
From the cold dark waters of sin’s troubled sea
Jesus rescued me
I have new life I am free
When he reached down in love
And He rescued me”

With Allison Griggs singing lead vocals, “He Rescued Me” is an updated rendition of a powerful song the group heard decades ago.

“The Gospel message in this song is still relevant today,” says Jason Griggs. “Whether you are drowning in a sea of sin, guilt, oppression, or addiction, God always hears the desperate cry of His children and stands ready to save, deliver, and liberate the captive. This song gives hope to the enslaved and is the testimony of the rescued.”

THE FORESTERS | Living in the After

Southern Gospel; Godsey Media – STREAM / BUY album

The Foresters are a true family band. With husband/father Mark and wife/mother Andrea combining two music ministries into one when they married in 2000 (and leading a concert just one week later!), now their children (Tyler, 13; Trevor, 9) comprise an integral part to this full-time endeavor. All singing and playing instruments, The Foresters sing a Southern Gospel/Christian Country style and have released 34 recordings in 18 years.



The title track for The Foresters new long-player tells a first-person story that’s representative of all who have left their former life behind to follow Jesus. The fun-&-bouncy rhythm alone conveys a counter-culture message that living for Jesus isn’t one drowning in the doldrums, rather a life that’s full of abundance & freedom. Singing along & tapping-a-toe, who wouldn’t want to be a part?

THE CRAGUNS | “Nobody”

Southern Gospel; Godsey Media – STREAM / BUY single



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