Aaron Ramsey – Gathering

AARON RAMSEY | Gathering

Album release date: Nov. 8, 2019
Bluegrass, Mountain Fever Records — STREAM / BUY

Just shy of 30 years old, Aaron Ramsey has built quite a reputation as a player and singer, working as part of Randy Kohrs’ & The Lites and The Linville Ridge Band before becoming part of Mountain Heart in December of 2007. Doing shows with Tony Rice won him a rave review in Tim Stafford and Caroline Wright’s biography of Rice, Still Inside, and persuaded the guitar hero to appear as a guest on this new CD.

Other performers include Ron Block, Stuart Duncan, Tim Crouch, Randy Kohrs, Patton Wages and more. Ramsey sings several of the tracks, with guest vocals from Rickey Wasson of American Drive and Mountain Heart’s Barry Abernathy… | READ FULL ARTICLE on Bluegrass Today

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