Alex Faith – ATLast

ATlast is Hip Hop music birthed in the south and raised on authenticity and gritty realism. While Alex holds his faith high, don’t expect to hear songs that are sermons and scripture recitations. Alex embraces his faith while still transparently rhyming about his struggles with belief, social issues, loved ones, poverty and more.

  1. ATFirst ft. Christon Gray
  2. City of Nightmares ft. Tragic Hero
  3. Light Up ft. Trip Lee
  4. Hold Me Down ft. Christon Gray
  5. Refuge (Interlude) by Odd Thomas
  6. Bloodlines ft. J.R.
  7. Letting Me Go
  8. Runaway ft. Andy Mineo
  9. Pull Up ft. Tedashii & Corey Paul
  10. Never Giving Up ft. Social Club
  11. Refuge ft. Dre Murray & J. Givens
  12. ATLast
  13. The Morning (Bonus Track)