Lenny Smith – “You Are My Hiding Place”

You Are My Hiding Place contains songs written between 1971 and 2000.

“When I listen to these songs, I can remember the various places we lived, the different jobs I had, the several churches we attended, the many stages of life through which we were passing,” explains Lenny Smith. He continues, “But through it all, one thing remains the same for me… I have loved God, the Scriptures and singing to the Lord since I was very young…”

  1. Teach Me, My God 03:14
  2. Ho! Everyone Who Thirsts 03:28
  3. There Is A River 03:17
  4. You Are My Hiding Place 03:23
  5. You Are A Good Shepherd 04:27
  6. Who Is This One? 02:53
  7. City, O City 03:18
  8. Eyes Have Not Seen 03:21
  9. Ask Me Not To Leave You 03:21
  10. Tell Me, O You 04:04
  11. All Things Work Together For Good 03:11
  12. With All My Heart 02:48