The Fifth Service – “Proven”

The Fifth Service is a life-changing worship service that you can attend at Living Word Christian Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where all generations connect under one common theme: Jesus Christ and the liberating love people can experience together through God’s grace.

Proven is an album of original songs written and performed by the folks who lead worship at this unique service.

This record will release worldwide on 04/15/2016 and is available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play now.

  1. Let’s Get It Started (3:29)
  2. Adventure (3:57)
  3. Never Leave Me (4:14)
  4. You Just Don’t Stop (6:43)
  5. Love So Deeply (4:12)
  6. Found My Place (3:49)
  7. Made A Way (4:47)
  8. Proven (4:16)
  9. Glory Be (4:39)
  10. Without A Doubt (3:07)
  11. Can’t Keep It In (4:26)
  12. Beyond The Shore (1:56)