Robert Hale & The 8th Wonder Band – Blue Haze

Bluegrass; Pinecastle Records — STREAM / BUY EP

With homage to the first #1 single in the The Rolling Stones’ history, Robert Hale & The 8th Wonder Band follows-up their lead single—Beatles “Help!” cover—with this invigorating bluegrass interpretation (listen to “It’s All Over Now” below), keeping in-step w/their forthcoming EP Blue Haze‘s theme.



A seasoned musician, Hale got his big start at age 11 performing at the Grand Ole Opry as a guest of Bill Monroe. Playing and touring professionally began in the early eighties when he was a part of Livewire, then backing up the likes of J.D. Crowe, among others. He has an extensive recording resume, perhaps none bigger than featured musician on two Dolly Parton albums in the 00s. He is equally at home on mandolin, guitar, banjo or just about anything with strings, and plays a variety of styles ranging from country to bluegrass to rock & roll.