Summer & Bray – “Heartbeat”

Folk, Americana; Travianna Records – STREAM / BUY single

Travianna Records is proud to present “Heartbeat,” the brand new single from Summer & Bray releasing worldwide on Sep. 8, 2020. “What began as Mountain Faith later transitioned to Summer Brooke who is now bringing her brother Brayden out into the spotlight with her. These now young adults have had quite a metamorphosis from their early beginnings. Starting in a small local church, they were suddenly put before 13 million people on the NBC television show America’s Got Talent championing several weeks. They have created and stayed true to their own sound and they never let us down with their performance or their songwriting abilities. With every recording we make together I’m more impressed.” —Mark Hodges, President of Mountain Fever Music Group



“Heartbeat” was penned by Summer & Bray McMahan with the fine musicianship of Summer Mcmahan (lead vocal), Brayden MacMahan (harmony vocal), Seth Taylor (acoustic guitar), Shawn Richardson (mandolin), Bryan Mcdowell (fiddle), Nick Falk (percussion), and Aaron Ramsey (upright bass). We hope you enjoy this one and stay tuned for more inspired original tunes from these good folks.