The McKameys – “What If”

2727Organized in 1954, the group “The McKameys” is in its sixth decade performing music with wonderful harmonies. They do around 150 shows a year, performing for thousands of people. To date, they have had 30 number one songs. The group has been awarded several different Singing News Fan Awards through the years with Peg being named Favorite Female Vocalist 7 times. Ruben and Peg are both recipients of the Marvin Norcross Award and Norcross/Templeton Award respectively.

  1. I’m Gonna Give It Away
  2. Your Prayers Have Been Heard
  3. There Is A Peace
  4. Where He Is
  5. While I Wait
  6. I’ll Give You Grace
  7. Lift My Voice
  8. I Have A Home
  9. What If
  10. Work In The Field