Christian; Mainstay Records – STREAM / BUY single

Born in the pastures of a town you’ve never heard of, WE ARE ONE emerged on the scene as small town boys with a big sound. A music and worship ministry based out of Gateway Assembly in Imlay City, MI, their vision has always been to use music, media, and creative elements to equip and encourage the local church to reclaim its voice in an increasingly loud culture. A group of not simply musicians but pastors, artists, filmmakers, writers, Super Smash Bros. experts and wannabe stand-up comedians—WE ARE ONE is the sound of a group of nobodies from nowhere refusing to be told that nothing good comes from Nazareth.



About | In a recent string of 2019-20 “Recompletes” of songs from their 2018 debut album Seven, the boys of WE ARE ONE return with a club remix of the hit “WE’RE GOING PUBLIC.” With performances and production that command all feet to hit the dance floor, the funky-clean bass groove leads the way for a fresh-and-fun feel-good take worthy of attention.