Spotify for Artists: 5 easy steps to a healthy Spotify profile

October 15, 2019

Is your profile on Spotify up to date? Perhaps a better question is: Is it even 100% completed (or 75%…50%…)?

Chances are, it’s not. If you’re an artist and have music on Spotify—and, especially if you’re reading this as a Syntax Creative client (which means you ARE on Spotify!)—it’s very important to keep your profile current.

Number-one reason why? One of the biggest takeaways from attending the Spotify Brunch & Masterclass during the most recent collection of events surrounding the annual GMA Dove Awards was …drum roll, please… placement consideration by official Spotify editors.

It’s true. The team over at Spotify confirmed that if they are making playlist and placement considerations, they’re more likely to choose your song or material if your profile contains some very simple and basic information—so simple, for the most part, it’s really not much different than what you’re (hopefully) already doing when you regularly update your social media accounts or WordPress site. Here are 5 easy steps to a healthy Spotify profile, and to ensure you’re making your friends at Spotify happy:

First things first | You’ll need to login to your profile. Upon login, you’ll be taken to your “Home” page—if you’re a label/agency and manage several artists, use the drop-down on the top-left corner and select an artist to edit. Next, from the menu options at the top, select “Profile.”

1. Upload a Header Image | Click the pencil tool at the top-right corner, select “Update” (now appearing in the middle of the page). Image dimensions should be 2660×1140 px and set to .jpg, .png or .gif. According to Spotify, please avoid “text, logos, and busy backgrounds.”
— Syntax tips: Utilize artwork/branding from your current release for continuity. NOTE: It should go without saying that you need to have a current avatar in place. With the same rules from above, make sure the image is at least 750×750 px.

2. Create an image gallery | Click “About” under your artist name. A box with a ” + ” should now be visible, click it. Upload/drag-drop images each that are at least 690×500 px and are set to .jpg, .png or .gif.
— Syntax tips: Don’t fudge on the image dimensions, Spotify has internally set these parameters for optimum output. Want to look good? Follow the rules. Also, keep the image content focused to your brand (not a great space for family vacay shots!).

3. Add your bio | This is super important! If you are running your current bio on your website (or Facebook Page, etc.), most of the work is done—just click the pencil tool, copy/paste…and, BOOM! If you don’t have a bio featured on your site or socials, this is a great opportunity to have one written. Contact us at Syntax if you have any questions.
— Syntax tips: Please make sure that your bio is up to date. If we’re pitching new music, but your bio is all about your last project (or two projects ago, etc…) this kind-of defeats the purpose—again, let us know if we can help!

4. Make sure your socials are up to date | The Spotify crew will check these—yes, to make sure they’re current—but most importantly, this is mainly how they will research your relevancy and clout outside of the Spotify universe. This task is two-fold, keep these current in your Spotify profile, but don’t sleep on keeping your socials going!
— Syntax tips: This could fulfill many posts/topics, but a general rule to keep in mind for social media—just do something…often (every day)!

5. Use the “Artist’s Picks” feature—every 14 days! | Within the “Overview” section, click the pencil tool on the right-hand side by “Artist’s Picks.” In the search field, you can paste URL’s of playlists that you are specifically featured in (our recommendation, especially if it’s an official Spotify playlist!), a playlist you’ve created, or even just a random playlist that you’d like to feature (this could be fun engagement for your fans if you are between releases and/or are not currently on any playlists).

Next, once you’ve selected a playlist, type in a simple message in the field toward the top of this editor box—be concise, there’s only 38-characters available! Finally, choose an image to backdrop this feature—it’s easiest to use the official playlist cover, but if you don’t like it, you can upload your own (690×500 px; .jpg, .png or .gif). Lastly, click “Done,” then “Save.” It should look something like this on your Profile:
Spotify for Artists, Spotify, Artist's Picks, digital music, streaming, Syntax Creative - image
Note: This will only populate for 14 days, so set a calendar reminder to keep this current.

Specifically Syntax | Lastly, whether you’re an agency/label or an individual artist, please add one of us as an official admin under all of your artist profiles—this will help to streamline profile updating and ensure that you’re Spotify profile is current! Contact us today to help you get set up!

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