Spotify launches Artist Fundraising Pick today

April 22, 2020

This morning Spotify announced its new Spotify for Artists feature: the Artist Fundraising Pick.

About Artist Fundraising Pick | Since the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the nation—and world—the digital service provider immediately began response efforts by conversing with its partners on what they could do to best utilize their platform to support its community of creators. As we all know, many of the revenue generating mechanisms available to artists—namely touring and other methods of interacting with fans—have all but come to a complete stop during the pandemic. Initially, Spotify made contributions to MusiCares, the CDC and WHO, and established a $10M matching fund through the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project.

The announcement today comes as an effort by Spotify to provide a way that both the artists and fans could interact together on their support and donation benevolence—all from within the familiar experience of the Spotify app itself. With the Artist Fundraising Pick, artists can now highlight a fundraising destination just like they can already select any piece of music to highlight on their profile as an Artist’s Pick—making for a easy, high-level and eye-catching call-to-action that fans can’t miss when they visit their favorite artist’s profiles.

The best part? Artists can designate contributions for their Fundraising Pick to go directly to them OR to a cause of their choice. As Spotify makes this announcement, they point out Marshmello has opted to utilize this new feature to point fans to giving toward MusiCares.

How does it work? | For artists who are already connected to their Spotify for Artists accounts, please check out the instructions below. If you haven’t set up your Spotify for Artist account, please CLICK HERE to get started.
– Click “Get started” on the blue banner at the top of their homepage

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– Enter a fundraising link—artists could raise money for themselves, their team or crew, or a COVID-related initiative

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– Please note: Some artists may experience a slight delay between selecting their pick and it going live, as Spotify is conducting extra verification for safety measures.

Other key information:
– Only Spotify for Artists admins can upload a Fundraising Pick
– It is possible for artists to have their Artist Pick live at the same time as a Fundraising Pick
– Spotify considers this a first version of the feature that will evolve as they learn how to make it as helpful as possible for the music community

In this first iteration of the feature, you can submit a fundraising link from one of our partners—Cash App, GoFundMe, PayPal, or a verified Music Relief organization—to feature in a new section at the top of your artist profile labeled “Artist Fundraising Pick.”

Use Cash App and get an EXTRA $100 after your first contribution of any amount! | As part of this roll out, Spotify has partnered with Cash App, who have generously established a $1 million relief effort for artists. Spotify for Artists admins that submit their “$cashtag” username as their Artist Fundraising Pick—and secure at least one contribution of any size through Spotify—will receive an extra $100 in their account from Cash App, until a collective total of $1 million has been contributed across the board globally. (Important to note: Cash App accounts are only available to those in the US & UK, but all listeners around the world can contribute through Cash App.)

Spotify has also published a “Best Practices” article for artists wishing to utilize this new feature—we strongly recommend reading through this resource before setting up your Fundraising Pick:

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