Syntax Creative Artists for your 55th Annual Dove Awards Consideration

July 1, 2024

Syntax Creative asks for your consideration in the first round of voting for the 55th Annual Dove Awards. This year’s ballot includes 75 Syntax Creative artists, tracks, and albums in 15 different categories. Voting members of the Gospel Music Association can vote in the first round until Tuesday, July 2 at 8 pm CST. Entries with the highest votes in this round will be nominated and honored at this year’s Dove Awards on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at Nashville’s Allen Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University.


For Your Consideration:

New Artist of the Year:
  • tylerhateslife (Rapzilla)
Bluegrass/Country/Roots Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “At the River” – Cindy Morgan (Roho Records)
  • “Blood Kin” – Last Hour Bluegrass (Morning Glory Music)
  • “Church Steeple (High on the Hillside)” – Aaron Ramsey (Mountain Fever Records)
  • “Driving Nails” – Rock Hearts ft. Dale Ann Bradley (615 Hideaway Records)
  • “For Love” – Andrew Greer ft. Skye Peterson (Old Bear Records)
  • “Free to Love” – Lynda Randle (Stella Music)
  • “God Knows” – Balsam Range (Mountain Home Music Company)
  • “He Guides My Way” – Last Hour Bluegrass (Morning Glory Music)
  • “High Road” – Lynda Randle (Stella Music)
  • “I Know the One Who Knows” – The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri (Morning Glory Music)
  • “I Will Not Cry Today” – The Chuck Wagon Gang (Mountain Home Music Company)
  • “Jubilee” – Cindy Morgan (Roho Records)
  • “Lay ‘Em Down” – Benson (Mountain Home Music Company)
  • “Leave it in the Hands of the Lord” – Darren Nicholson (Mountain Home Music Company)
  • “Matthew’s Mansion” – Teddy Barneycastle (Turnberry Records)
  • “Mercy” – Andrew Greer ft. Cindy Morgan (Old Bear Records)
  • “Nothing Quite As Amazing As Grace” – The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri (Morning Glory Music)
  • “Take my Cup” – Andrew Greer (Old Bear Records)
  • “The Banks of the River” – The Edgar Loudermilk Band (Pinecastle Records)
Children’s Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “God Created” – Seeds Kids Worship (Seeds Kids Worship)
  • “Holy Forever” – Yancy (Yancy Ministries)
  • “Super Wonderful (Funky Franklin Remix)” – Yancy (Yancy Ministries)
Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Keep Us Dangerous” – THE APOSTLES (Mainstay Records)
  • “King” – Village KNG (Soldier Sound Records)
  • “Kriss Kross” – Village KNG (Soldier Sound Records)
  • “Legacy” – Adriel Cruz (World Renegade)
  • “Let You Down” – Vic Lucas (CLG Music Media)
  • “mental health.” – tylerhateslife (Rapzilla)
  • “Once Again” – Vic Lucas (CLG Music Media)
  • “Take Over” – Kaboose (Wilson Music Works)
  • “Turn the World Upside Down” – THE APOSTLES (Mainstay Records)
  • “We Got it All” – Kaboose (Wilson Music Works)
Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Come to the Well” – The Inspirations (Horizon Records)
  • “Dear Heavenly Father” – 11th Hour (Sonlite Records)
  • “He Bought Me” – Anthem Edition (Sonlite Records)
  • “Healing in our Land” – Lynda Randle (Stella Music)
  • “I Met Somebody on the Way to the Cemetery” – Mark Bishop (Sonlite Records)
  • “I’m Forgiven” – The Kingdom Heirs (Sonlite Records)
  • “Jesus Does” – The Lore Family (Horizon Records)
  • “Love Worth Dying For” – The Down East Boys (Sonlite Records)
  • “Mansions” – Sound Street (Sonlite Records)
  • “Take Me To The Water” – Lauren, Amber & Kenna (Horizon Records)
  • “The End” – Endless Highway (Sonlite Records)
  • “The Rising of the Son” – McKamey Legacy (Horizon Records)
  • “Undivided Attention” – Southern Steeple (403 Music)
  • “Unstoppable God” – The Kingsmen (Horizon Records)
  • “We Are America” –  The Chitans (Horizon Records)
  • “Where You’ve Walked” – Lauren Talley (Horizon Records)
Worship Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Famous (Live)” – Woodlands Worship (Woodlands Worship)
  • “Mercy (Live Acoustic Performance)” – The Rock Music (The Rock Music)
  • “Not Like Mine”- The Rock Music (The Rock Music)
  • “This is Your Church” – WE ARE ONE (Mainstay Records)
  • “Wind & The Waves”- Woodlands Worship (Woodlands Worship)
Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Better Days” – Lynda Randle (Stella Music)
Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Last Days” – Eric Lee Brumley (Old Bear Records)
  • “Share the Load” – Eric Lee Brumley (Old Bear Records)
  • “Spitfire (Live)” – WE ARE ONE (Mainstay Records)
  • “Up in my Bones” – WE ARE ONE (Mainstay Records)
  • “Winter Wars” – Names Without Numbers (CLG Music Media)
Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Honey” – Sean Rodriguez (WieRok Entertainment)
Christmas Recorded Song of the Year:
  • “Baby King (Manger Version)” – WE ARE ONE (Mainstay Records)
  • “Faith of a Shepherd” – Madaline Garcia & Sean Rodriguez (WieRok Entertainment)
Bluegrass/Country/Roots Album of the Year:
  • Come Go With Me – The Chuck Wagon Gang (Mountain Home Music Group)
  • Every Good Path – The Chigger Hill Boys & Terri (Morning Glory Music)
  • Free to Love – Lynda Randle (Stella Music)
  • Songs from the Dark – Andrew Greer (Old Bear Records)
  • The Sounds of Jubilee – Cindy Morgan (Roho Records)
Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year:
  • Electric Chair – Eric Lee Brumley (Old Bear Records)
Worship Album of the Year:
  • The Future is Sure – The Rock Music (The Rock Music)
Southern Gospel Album of the Year:
  • Home – Mark Bishop (Sonlite Records)
  • The Legacy Continues – The Inspirations (Horizon Records)
  • Unstoppable God – The Kingsmen (Horizon Records)
Christmas/Special Event Album of the Year:
  • Here Comes Christmas – Anthem Edition (Sonlite Records)
  • Writes and Bites – Various Artists (WieRok Entertainment)



Erin Moorman has a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Industry Studies from Delta State University and a Master of Arts in Music Business from Visible Music College. In addition to her experience working for a record label she has already held an Adjunct Professor position teaching multiple music business classes.