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Kuaishou owns and operates the social video sharing applications “Snack Video” (available in Southeast Asia) and “Kwai” (available throughout the remainder of the Territory) enabling users to create, edit, and share short form videos that may include clips of sound recordings of up to 60 seconds in duration (“Clips”). Sound recordings are obtained either from the Service’s centralized audio library, audio recordings taken from other users’ videos, or audio recordings uploaded by the user from their device. The same material functionality applies across Snack Video and Kwai.

As of September 2021, Kuaishou had a monthly active user base of 172 million with its top performing territories being Brazil (54 million MAU) and Pakistan (22 million MAU).

Users may listen to up to 60 second portions of sound recordings in the Music Library using a ‘slider’ clip selection tool. With respect to the Videos (including those incorporating Clips), users can (i) store and download the Video onto computer and/or mobile devices, (ii) share via third-party websites, services, applications and/or social media platforms (not hosted by Kuaishou)*, and (iii) provide a link to the Video hosted on servers owned and/or controlled by or on behalf of Kuaishou.