Frequently Asked Questions

  • Artist Inquiry: We are truly grateful that anyone would be interested in working with us. Unfortunately, in most cases, we do not work directly with artists. Instead, we work with labels and distributors who have the bandwidth, experience and infrastructure to work directly with artists. We’re also looking for labels who have the ability and resources to support their end of a distribution deal. In fact, we would even suggest that you reach out to one or more of these companies. With over 150 labels, you can imagine that although there are many talented individuals out there, we just don’t have the capacity to work with them all.
  • Record Label Inquiry: We are blessed to receive many requests for distribution. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all of them directly. To help us narrow down those who are most suitable for a potential partnership, we have created this questionnaire. Please fill it out at your convenience and to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t hear back within 14 business days, we have decided that we are unable to explore doing business with you. Also, in many cases, if we like the music, but aren’t able to justify a direct relationship, we may forward your information over to one or more of our many clients that works directly with artists.
  • YouTube Inquiry: If you received an email notification from YouTube that one of our songs was found in your video, rest assured that this is not a copyright strike. We don’t block videos. No actions are necessary. We have a direct license with YouTube, which allows us to monetize music on our client’s behalf. Feel free to continue using the song in your video. Everything will remain the same. However, once an automatic claim has been filed, ads may now appear in your video. This is how our clients get paid and how you are able to use the song in your video without acquiring a license. If you did acquire a license, and think your video shouldn’t have a claim on it, please speak to the artist, label, or whoever you acquired the license and they will notify us of anything necessary.
  • Playlist Inquiry: Our playlists are solely for the purpose of highlighting our distributed clients. We do not consider outside submissions.
  • Indirect Inquiry: If you are the client of one of our clients, we will not be able to respond to your request. Please speak with them and they will relay anything necessary to us.
  • Employment Inquiry: If you are interested in working at our company, please visit this link.

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