Music Release



“Why Women Need Wine”

Organic Records




Asheville, NC


NOTE: Audio embargoed until 5/7/21. Please contact Syntax Creative to preview music | For songwriters, any phrase, experience and observation can find its way into their next song. And often, it’s those details from life that make the music relatable, that make the music something people hear and say, “Oh, I know that feeling.” Organic Records artist Anya Hinkle’s new release, “Why Women Need Wine,” does just that, relating stories of situations and attitudes that women deal with day to day and reminding them with a little humor, a lot of friendship—and maybe an eye roll—they can shake it off and move on with their lives.

The phrase “Why Women Need Wine” came to Hinkle when she was feeling down and reached out to a friend who said “Come over, I’ve got a great bottle of wine, let’s talk.”

“I spilled it all out, just said every ridiculous thing and we laughed, I cried, and on my way home I just felt so much better,” says Hinkle. “Everything seemed possible again, I got a grip, and this line popped into my head: This is why women need wine.”

That thought spurred another for Hinkle, and she began to list all the ridiculous things that drive women crazy, from “My skirts are all too long or short, my shirts too loose or tight” and “I swear what do I do with my hair” to “Cause girls can do anything, but women must do everything” and “Nobody wants to hear you whine / Grow up, but not over thirty-nine.”

As Hinkle sings these lines, the songs gently swinging country blues binds the ideas in a way that gives its subtext of struggle a light-hearted groove. Women will, nod, smirk and laugh with the recognition that they feel these things, too—and they’re not alone.

“It is empowering when women come together and share these feelings—with or without the wine—so we can proceed with a sense of humor and a sense of strength,” says Hinkle. “I hope the song can support our experiences and help each of us recognize we aren’t the only ones who don’t feel qualified to dream big, aren’t bold enough to try something we’re not sure will work, or aren’t allowed to fail and start over again.”

And when those feelings do creep in, put on this song and sing, “After half a glass I feel divine / it’s all peace on earth goodwill towards men, everything is gonna turn out fine / I’m gonna say the perfect thing at just the perfect time / Just keep reading between the lines / Is why women need wine.”


  • Fronting the band Tellico for the better part of a decade
  • Toured nationally and internationally
  • “Courage for the Morning” (Tellico) #1 on the Folk Radio DJ charts in Nov. 2018, and her song “Ballad of Zona Abston” was the winner of the 2019 Merlefest Chris Austin Songwriting Competition and a finalist in the Hazel Dickens Song Contest