Working with Syntax over the last 10 years three things in particular stand out:

  1. Cutting Edge: Syntax has always been ahead of the curve with new technology, new partnerships and new ways for fans to purchase or stream music. I’ve watched them evolve with the industry at every turn and remain relevant.
  2. Perseverance: No matter what kind of changes take place in the industry, Syntax continues pushing forward into new territories. Where many companies would buckle under the pressure or get swallowed up by changes, Syntax continues to be consistent with a determination to get the job done no matter what it takes.
  3. Customer Service: Syntax is a very responsive company. They quickly respond to important e-mails and know how to streamline the process of fixing things when issues or errors occur. They work out custom strategies that best fit each artist/label. All of this speaks to the fact that they are experienced at what they do. Professional and relational at the same time.

    • Syntax has always been ahead of the curve with new technology... Syntax continues to be consistent with a determination...
    • My experiences working with the professionals at Syntax has been nothing less than extraordinary
    • They have great customer service and are always ahead of current trends.
      —Scott Godsey
    • They take care of business quickly and efficiently which I love...
    • Syntax is a perfect combination of old school work ethic, honor, and values... I've never known them to be any less than the top in their field.
      —Troy Collins
    • Syntax [is] the perfect distribution partner... [their] customer service is very attentive...
      —Adel Meisenheimer