What To Do When You DO Get Playlisted

February 28 2024

Whoa… You got playlisted! Take a few minutes to celebrate this wonderful milestone! Don’t get too ahead of yourself, though; there is some work to do. Lots of people talk about getting on a playlist and how it can catapult your numbers. But the important part is what you do next. 

Here are some important questions to ask that will help you determine what actions to take moving forward:

1. How do I increase my chances of getting playlisted again? 

Thank the editors! You can do this by sharing the playlist. Start with a social media post. Something like this: “Check out this playlist that features ‘Song XYZ!’ Thanks to Spotify for including me!” If an editor takes a chance on you, return that favor by bringing your fans to the playlist. Just like your song is your baby, the playlist is the editor’s baby. The more listeners you bring to the playlist, the more likely they are to place you again. Being thankful and having good manners goes a long way.


2. How do I get those listeners to stick around?

Getting playlisted can boost your streaming numbers. We want more than that. We want to convert these listeners into fans. We want them to come back and listen each time you release something. Start by making sure all of your information is populated on all of your DSP artist profiles. Make sure all of your social media accounts are cross-promoted and up to date. A current bio and up-to-date images communicate success and build trust with listeners. Playlists funnel new listeners to your profile; make sure your profile is a place where a listener will be interested in and engage further.


3. How do I leverage this playlist to create more opportunities for this release and others?

The simple answer? Keep working. Once you’ve celebrated your success, get back to work. Continue to perform and promote this song as if it never got playlisted. There are too many resources and tools available to become playlist complacent. Use the status of your recently playlisted song as leverage to build interest in other places (on or off-platform). Use it to promote other songs in your catalog. If you want even more help, check out, “What to Do When You DON’T Get Playlisted.”

Overall, the work you do after the playlist is just as important as the work you do before. Keep your head up, and keep your head in the game!


Erin Moorman has a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Industry Studies from Delta State University and a Master of Arts in Music Business from Visible Music College. In addition to her experience working for a record label she has already held an Adjunct Professor position teaching multiple music business classes.