If you’re a musician, you’ve probably heard of Spotify For Artists. It has valuable marketing tools and analytics, gives you control over your presence on the platform, and allows you to pitch your music to Spotify’s editors. Having this control and insight into your presence on platforms like Spotify is essential for any artist.

Getting started on Spotify for Artists is easy:

For Artists and Managers:

1. Get Your Music on Spotify

The first step is to ensure that your music is available on Spotify and that you have an artist profile. If you’re not already on Spotify, you’ll need to distribute your music through a digital distributor. Once your music is delivered to Spotify, you can proceed to claim your profile on Spotify For Artists.

2. Claim Your Artist Profile or Be Added to Your Label Team

Artists Signed to a Record Label:

If you are working with a record label, you will need to be added to your existing artist team, even if you are a new artist. Contact the Administrator of the team account and have them send you an invite via email. If you do not know how to reach your admin, request access with Spotify, select “Are you part of a label team,” and they will notify the admin for you. 

Independent Artists:

To claim your profile and be verified on your own, you’ll need to request access. You will need to click the button for “Artist or Manager,” and then log into your regular, consumer Spotify account. If you do not have a Spotify account, you will need to create one. 

Accessing Before First Release:

If you are accessing your Spotify For Artists account before your first release, you will need to request your Spotify URI or Artist link from your label or distributor. It will start with “spotify.com/artist” or “spotify:artist.” When requesting access, you will click the “Music not yet live on Spotify?” button to locate your account. Then, paste your artist link or URI at the “Which artist team is it?” page.

3. Verify Your Identity

After selecting your artist profile, Spotify will ask you to verify your identity. This process typically involves providing information such as your social media profiles, website, or other online presence to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the artist name. Once your identity is verified, Spotify will review your request and grant you access to Spotify For Artists.

For Labels and Distributors:

Creating a label team in Spotify For Artists gives the entire label access to all of your roster’s Spotify For Artist accounts.

Creating Your Spotify For Artist Team:

If you do not already have a label team for your organization, you’ll need to create one. Following the steps at the link, you will begin the process of verifying your catalog. Because Spotify manually reviews these requests, expect it to take several business days. You should receive an email once your access has been approved.

Joining a Spotify For Artist Team:

If your organization already has access to your Spotify For Artists Team, you’ll need to ask an admin to invite you. If you do not know who your team admin is, simply submit a request with Spotify, and they will notify the team admin for you. If this still does not work, please contact your distributor for further assistance.

Finding an Artist’s URI Code:

When adding new artists to your roster or giving Spotify For Artists access to established artists, you will need to provide them with their URI or link to their artist page. You can find this by following the instructions below:

1. Open Spotify For Artists on a laptop or desktop.

2. Find the desired artist in your roster and open their account.

3. Copy the URI code found in the URL box at the top of your browser. The URI code will be the series of numbers and letters that follows “artists.spotify.com/c/artist/”

4. Paste that code after the phrase “spotify:artist:”

5. The URI code should look something like this: spotify:artist:1mPIhSlmK2lSB18kG8pqIU

4. Paste that code after the phrase “spotify:artist:”

5. The URI code should look something like this: spotify:artist:1mPIhSlmK2lSB18kG8pqIU

Once an artists profile is available to the public, you can access their URI by following the instructions below:

1. Open Spotify on a laptop or desktop. You can use the app or the browser.

2. Visit the artist’s profile.

3. Click the three dots. 

4. Click “Share” and hold the “Option” or “Alt” key on your keyboard. While holding down the “option” key, “Copy link to artist,” will change to “Copy Spotify URI.” Click “Copy Spotify URI” while holding down the “option’ key.

If you have any issues while trying to access Spotify For Artists, reach out to your label or distributor for their help.