Christmas Playlists

Looking for some great Christmas music? There’s something for everyone under our tree! Check out Christmas music in all your favorite genres!

Christmas Classics

Step into the nostalgic embrace of the holiday season with our ‘Christmas Classics’ playlist. Immerse yourself in the timeless melodies and cherished carols that have been a part of our holiday traditions for generations.

Featured Artists:

The Barefoot Movement, 11th Hour, Timothy A. Smith, J Moss, Anthem Edition, The LeFevre Quartet, Franklin Christian Singers, Balsam Range, Becky Buller, Andrew Greer, Jason Lee McKinney Band, Jeremy Calloway, Kevin Max, Jeff Collins, Kingsmen, Kingdom Heirs, Colebrook Road, The Katinas, Sheila Ann Smith, Crystal Lewis, Tonja Rose, and more

Christmas Classics – Instrumental

Step into the nostalgic embrace of the holiday season with our ‘Christmas Classics – instrumental’ playlist. Immerse yourself in the timeless melodies while you prepare for the holiday season.

Featured Artists:

Phil Leadbetter, Brandon Musser, Ethan Burkhardt, Tim Crouch, Tony Wray, The Tennessee Christmas Carol Pickers, Nashville Philharmonia, Christmas Collection, Scott Vestal, Jeff Autry, Wayne Benson, Franklin Christian Band, Janet Walters, Jeff Collins, Classical Meditation Players, Roger Talley, The Nashville Session Collective, Relaxation Escape, Balsam Range, Richard Bennet, and more

Christmas for Kids

Delight your little ones with a collection of cheerful and whimsical songs that capture the excitement of the season. From timeless classics to catchy sing-alongs, this playlist is the perfect soundtrack for creating joyful holiday memories with your children.

Featured Artists:

Just 4 Kids, Billy Squirrel, Vestal Goodman, Becky Buller, Yancy, Little Praise Party, Clovercroft Kids, The Rubyz, Williamson Branch, Kingdom Heirs, Sean BE, Madaline Garcia, The Spinney Brothers, and more

Christian Kids

Filled with joyful tunes, catchy melodies, and wholesome lyrics, this playlist offers a fun and faith-filled experience for children of all ages. From sing-along classics that teach valuable life lessons to vibrant praise songs that celebrate God’s love, each track is thoughtfully selected to nurture a strong foundation of Christian values. Create moments of laughter, learning, and spiritual growth with your children on a musical adventure that strengthens their connection with God and instills the joy of faith. This playlist is curated by the Syntax Creative team from our extensive list of clients.

Featured Artists:

Yancy, Little Praise Party, The Sing-Along Kids, Answers in Genesis, Franklin Youth Band, Elevation Church Kids, Saddleback Kids, The Well Music, & more

Bluegrass in Bethlehem

Enjoy a cozy, mountain-side Christmas celebration with our ‘Bluegrass in Bethlehem’ playlist. Immerse yourself in the down-home charm of Christmas with a touch of Appalachia.

Featured Artists:

Foxfire, Williamson Branch, Tony Wray, Dennis Parker, Tim Crouch, Colebrook Road, Balsam Range, The Barefoot Movement, Becky Buller, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Brothers McClurg, Summer Brooke, Mountain Faith, Tammy Rogers, Thomm Jutz, Kim Robins, Jackson Hollow, Bobby & Teddi Cyrus, Ashby Frank, Danny Burns, Aine Burns, Jason Lee McKinney Band, Tim Raybon, Dale Ann Bradley, Daryl Mosley, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Sweet Potato Pie, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters, Merle Monroe, Andrew Greer, Cindy Morgan, Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road, Ethan Burkhardt, and more

Holiday Hip Hop

From Yuletide rhymes to jingling vibes, let the infectious rhythms and festive flows light up your celebration. Whether trimming the tree, wrapping gifts, or hitting the holiday party scene, these tracks bring a perfect mix of seasonal spirit and hip hop swagger. Happy holidays with a hip hop twist!

Featured Artists:

Sivion, Imperial, K.I.N.E.T.I.K., Sareem Poems, Sojourn, Pettidee, Lisa Winans, Juan, The Cross Movement, Phanatik, Adriel Cruz, Philip White, The Ambassador, Bonafied, Knowdaverbs, FLAME, Team Elevation, Willie J, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Vickie Winans, Othello, Siren’s Echo, Gibraan, Tonéx, Syntax Records, and more

Fa-La-La-La Folk + Americana

Experience the heartwarming charm of the holiday season through the soulful melodies and storytelling lyrics of folk and Americana artists. From acoustic ballads to rootsy renditions of Christmas classics, this playlist is a musical journey through a rustic, heartfelt Christmas celebration.

Featured Artists:

Timothy A. Smith, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters, The Royal Halls, Weston Skaggs, Becky Buller, Jason Lee McKinney Band, Brothers McClurg, Clay Hess, Andrew Greer, Jeremy Hearn, Kathleen Carnali, Aryn Michelle, Kevin Max, Tonja Rose, Bobby & Teddi Cyrus, and more

Jingle Bells + Jazz

Embrace the jazzy side of the holidays with our ‘Jingle Bells + Jazz’ playlist. From smooth saxophones to playful pianos, this playlist sets the perfect backdrop for a swanky and festive atmosphere. Let the timeless elegance of jazz music keep the holiday spirit alive and grooving.

Featured Artists:

Crystal Lewis, Jeremy Calloway, Jimmy White, Sheila Ann Smith, Jeff Collins, and more

Southern Gospel Christmas

Get into the spirit of the season with our ‘Southern Gospel Christmas’ playlist. Experience the joy and warmth of the holidays as these soul-stirring, harmonious voices from the South bring you timeless Christmas classics infused with the rich traditions of gospel music.

Featured Artists:

Anthem Edition, Kingdom Heirs, The Lore Family, Chosen Road, The LeFevre Quartet, Down East Boys, The Chuck Wagon Gang, Master’s Voice, The Isbell Family, The Mark Dubbeld Family, Steve Hess and Southern Salvation, 11th Hour, Wisecarvers, Vestal Goodman, Williamson Branch, Kingsmen, The Talleys, and more

Christian Contemporary Christmas

Experience the holiday season with a modern twist as talented Christian artists infuse their faith and creativity into the timeless Christmas story. From traditional carols and original songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus, this playlist offers a fresh and soul-stirring perspective on the season.

Featured Artists:

Sean BE, Madaline Garcia, Jon Bauer, Jamie Grace, The Rock Music, Adriel Cruz, Rolling Hills Worship, Debbie Winans, Kathleen Carnali, Andrew Greer Jordan Biel, Crystal Lewis, WE ARE ONE, Timothy A Smith, Cindy Morgan, The Katinas, The Well Music, Sheila Ann Smith, Aryn Michelle, deliberateKids, Weston Skaggs, Tonja Rose, Tailah, The Mark Dubbeld Family, and more

ROCK Around the Christmas Tree

Turn up the volume and “ROCK Around the Christmas Tree!” With alt-rock, punk-rock, hard rock, and more, this playlist builds a high-energy and unique spin on Christmas celebrations. Let’s get to holiday-headbanging!

Featured Artists:

Grave Robber, I Am the Pendragon, Kevin Max, Altar Boys, Deliverance, Wretched Grave Robber, Liaison, Undercover, Street Called Straight, Bunch of Believers, Dead Artist Syndrome, and more