Slacker Radio


Slacker Radio blends data-driven personalization with a team of expert curators and content programmers to deliver listening experiences that are uniquely tailored to your preferences–delivered with a creative touch that makes us the best kept secret in music.

We provide free and subscription-based access to millions of songs and hundreds of music-centric stations, handcrafted daily by experts in every genre. Slacker also offers exclusive specials devoted to live music, news, celebrities, and lifestyle, presented and programmed by people with unrivaled expertise and a definitive point of view.

Slacker is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LiveXLive Media, Inc., a global digital media company focused on live entertainment. LiveXLive delivers premium live-streamed and on-demand music experiences from the world’s top music festivals and concerts. With unrivaled coverage and a curated collection of the latest in live music every day, you can experience concerts, interviews, and exclusive LiveXLive content in both video and audio form throughout the LiveXLive and Slacker platforms.