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Santa Monica, California


Snap Inc., is a camera and social media company based in Santa Monica, California. The Snap Properties (Snapchat, Bitmoji and Zenly) enable users to create and edit text and multimedia messages by including filters, animations, effects, text captions or drawings using Snap’s tools, which currently include Lenses, Filters and Bitmojis, and now music clips.

Snap has launched music features on the Snap Properties which comprise a free-to-user library of tracks and associated artwork. Snap and its users can incorporate up to 60 seconds of a track and associated artwork into visual (or other e.g. animations and augmented reality) elements and effects created using the Snap Properties. Users can incorporate these elements and effects (or up to 60 seconds of a track and associated artwork direct from the library) into their messages on the Snap Properties.

Users can save these messages and receive playback of the messages via the Snap Properties and on third party platforms via Snap’s embeddable links, APIs and third party integrations e.g. Snap Kit, Creative Kit, Login Kit, Bitmoji Kit, Story Kit. Users can also share these messages to public or private audiences via Snap Properties and via third party platforms as mentioned above.

As of October 2020, Snap Sounds is available only on iOS devices. Snap intends to make Sounds available on Android in the near future.