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Twitch owns, operates, and makes available content services via which content creators may broadcast and deliver audio-visual programming to the public via their own “channels” on the platform.

There are different channel levels on Twitch and ordinarily, as the number of streams, viewers and followers of a channel increases, Twitch unlocks features and ways for channel owners to monetize their channels.

There are currently two categories of support that can be unlocked on Twitch – “Affiliate” and “Partner”. A channel can start earning revenue once it becomes an Affiliate and once it becomes a Selected Artist (Partner) channel, there are additional revenue opportunities, marketing and prioritised support from Twitch. Monetisation opportunities therefore currently exist at the channel level (for channel owners) rather than for rights holders at the track/video level.

An FAQ and comparison of all features for Affiliate and Selected Artist (Partner) channels can be found here.