Single Release



“Something to Believe”

Organic Records




Asheville, North Carolina


A powerful singer and songwriter who can convey passion, confusion, strength, pleading and more—sometimes all at once—Asheville, North Carolina’s Ashley Heath makes a head-turning debut for Organic Records with a first single, the title track from her forthcoming EP, Something to Believe.

The track opens with guitar, bass, and organ serving a twisty blues-rock figure that sets an ominous tone before Heath makes her entrance, giving soulful voice to the mood of unease:

I spent my time getting lost in a dream
But I can’t let go of memories of the bad things I’ve seen

From there, the song never lets up in intensity, even as it swells and subsides in volume and complexity, underlining the insistent questions of its chorus:

Let me in or let me out
Give me answers show me somehow
Are we gonna end this or work it out?…
Give me, give me, something to believe

Accompanied by members of her touring band, Heath gives a compelling performance that is at once boldly and intimately expressive, offering a common thread of emotion that fits equally well not only with a personal interpretation of the song’s plea but of a broader one, too, revealing the distinctive outlook and artistry that has earned Heath a growing number of fans around her western North Carolina home.

“There have been many times in the last few years where we as a collective have felt very powerless and lacking a sense of control,” she notes. “The entire world shut down due to Covid-19 and with it crashed our livelihoods, our sense of safety in the world, and being able to be close with our family and friends. When we did see each other, our faces were behind masks. ‘Something to Believe’ was written about these angsty yet melancholy feelings that came up by trying to make sense of it all. At certain points, I was thinking, give me any sign that I can continue doing this thing that I love and have put my heart into for years. ‘Are we done with the hard times, are they over?’

“What I’ve learned throughout this process is that the hard times are in fact not over, and most likely will keep coming, but my community has always supported me throughout my career. When I wrote this song, I was looking externally for an answer, something to spark the light again. But now I know that believing in myself was, in fact, what would ignite the flame and keep my dreams on the path. I think the key is knowing there are challenges in this life, and sometimes we feel defeated—but we must continue.”


  • Heath has been active since just 2015, however she has graced some of the biggest stages in Americana/folk music: Merlefest, Bonnaroo, Shakori Hills, and more
  • Ashley has also toured with the likes of Donna The Buffalo, Del McCoury Band, Anders Osborne, Shamarr Allen (of Galactic), and other staples on the scene