Music Release



“Calling All Prodigals”

Sonlite Records



Christian, Southern Gospel

Nashville, Tennessee


Born into the world of music—she’s the daughter of The Blackwood BrothersKen Turner, and daughter-in-law to Country Music Hall of Famer Dottie WestKenna Turner West opens a new chapter in her many-faceted career with the release of “Calling All Prodigals,” her debut single for Sonlite Records.

Though she’s best-known as a songwriter with a bookcase full of awards, including six BMI awards; three Dove Awards; twenty-three “Song of the Year” titles, and a growing list of #1s, West has been a performer, a teacher, an author and more, reaching world-wide audiences with her ministry through song and story. Now, she’s brought the light of her talent and conviction into the recording studio, with a voice and a sound as big as the message of redemption that “Calling All Prodigals” conveys.

With its vibrant production, “Calling All Prodigals” serves to bathe West’s immutably southern gospel voice in a distinctly contemporary musical setting, complete with a soul-satisfying orchestra that punctuates the song’s well-crafted call—a reminder that “There is forgiveness for every wandering soul.” Addressing herself to “all who are wayward and out on your own,” the singer and songwriter (together with collaborators Brent Baxter and Jason Cox) delivers a sincere, heartfelt description of their plight in each verse, before her voice soars with the melody to offer the chorus’s shining reassurance of mercy. From its restrained opening to its final, symphonic chord, “Calling All Prodigals” packs a powerful amount of music and faith into fewer than three minutes.

“I couldn’t be more excited about my first Crossroads radio single, ‘Calling All Prodigals,’” says West. “I pray that everyone who hears this song will be encouraged by the promise of just how deep the Father’s love is for His children. I have experienced His forgiveness, and have written about it for years, and now I am deeply honored to get to sing about it! I have always felt that God has called me to ‘creatively communicate the Gospel,’ and sometimes that means singing and speaking, while other times it means writing or teaching—and I embrace it all, because each is a God-given opportunity to share the living hope that is found in Jesus. And since it all began with singing, the release of ‘Calling all Prodigals’ is just an absolute joy!”


  • Daughter of music industry veterans, Kenna Turner West has significantly etched her own name into the annals of the Nashville music industry after 6x BMI Awards, 3x Dove Awards, and a growing list of #1's
  • Writing/co-writing credits include The Isaacs, Michael English, Gordon Mote, The Martins, Finding Favour, Marty Raybon, and many more
  • She has served as staff writer for Curb|Word Music Publishing located on Nashville’s historic Music Row