Music Release



“Jesus is Enough”


Southern Gospel

Knoxville, Tennessee


NOTE: Audio embargoed until 5/7/21. Please contact Syntax Creative to preview music | Sometimes the simplest message is the best—and that’s as likely to be true for those who hear the new single from The Kingdom Heirs as it was for drummer Dennis Murphy, to whom the song’s title was given at a personal appearance by the legendary group.

“I hope everyone enjoys our new release, ‘Jesus is Enough,’” says Murphy. “I wrote this song based on a quote from a lady at one of our concerts as she was talking to Arthur. She shared the exact words, ‘Jesus is enough,’ and they become somewhat of a slogan during our winter tour. Jesus IS enough, regardless of the circumstances in our lives! I’m also excited that we were able to feature our new tenor singer Jacob Ellison on this song. Jacob has done a fantastic job of bringing this song to life.”

From the first note he sings, it’s clear that, young as he is, Ellison knows how to deliver a heartfelt message with an abundance of talent and a love for Southern Gospel music. His voice, soaring joyously over a horn-led arrangement is filled with urgency as he reminds the listener to “Remember these three words: Jesus is enough.” The truth of this fundamental profession of belief is underlined in the song’s energetic chorus, which features the rich bass vocal of Jeff Chapman in counterpoint to Ellison and harmony singers Arthur Rice and Loren Harris, and driven home in an exciting call-and-response bridge that affirms:

Jesus is enough in times of sorrow, Jesus is enough today and tomorrow
Jesus is enough when you’re sad and lonely Jesus is enough—He’s the One and Only

“I think one of my greatest struggles as a Christian has been trusting that Jesus is enough when facing difficult situations,” confesses Ellison. “I think Dennis’s song embodies the beautiful lesson and peace that can be found in believing that truth.”


  • The Kingdom Heirs are an award-winning legacy act in Southern Gospel music, with multiple #1 singles and several Singing News Fan awards for individual vocalists and Band of the Year
  • The quartet has been performing at Dollywood for more than 30 years, making them one of the most heard Southern Gospel groups in the world