Christian Hip Hop + Rap


Step into the world of Christian Hip Hop with our curated playlist that blends faith and rhythm in perfect harmony. Experience the power of music as it delivers messages of hope, redemption, and spiritual awakening through the compelling beats and lyrical genius of Christian Hip Hop artists. From thought-provoking verses rooted in scripture to beats that make your head nod and your heart soar, this playlist is where faith meets the rhythm of the streets. This playlist is curated by the Syntax Creative team from our extensive list of clients with those who have been putting it down for years and those who just picked up the mic.


Adriel Cruz, Armond WakeUp, Awon, Azeekah, Braille, C4 Crotona, Canton Jones, Cas Metah, Cephas, Datin, Dax Hamma, DertBeats, Dre Murray, Flame, International Show, IsaiahLaRoi, James Gardin, Japhia Life, Jeremiah Bonds, Kaboose, Knaladeus, Knowdaverbs, MALEX, Marty, MaxOne, Monster Tarver, muted mike, Ozay Moore, Peace 586, Pettidee, Propaganda, Raging Moses, Sackcloth Fashion, Sareem Poems, Sho Baraka, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Sivion & MALEX, Social Club Misfits, StefanOtto, Steven Malcolm, THE APOSTLES, The Resistance, Theory Hazit, Tunnel Rats, Tylerhateslife, Urban D., Vic Lucas, Village KNG


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