Crabb Family Legacy Available Digitally For The First Time Ever

June 29, 2015

The Crabb Family, one of the most celebrated family groups to ever grace a stage, has partnered with Syntax Creative to offer, for the first time, its entire catalog at digital service providers such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The Crabb Family’s legacy of musical excellence includes 15 No. 1 songs, multiple Grammy nominations, 11 GMA Dove Awards and numerous other awards and accolades reflecting the power of God’s word through music.

Previously, most of the celebrated family’s music was available only on CD’s and cassettes. Some titles were available digitally. However, this marks the first time the entire Crabb Family discography is being offered digitally.

“We are excited to work with Timothy and his team at Syntax. It’s wonderful to be able to release this entire catalog of songs, some music that has been locked away in a vault or only available at our concerts,” Jason Crabb said. “So many times we get asked if we have a song that is no longer available because someone has lost a CD or cassette. Now, they can rest assured that everything will be available at their favorite digital service provider.”

“The Crabb Family has toured and recorded professionally for over two decades. Many of the songs and projects that formed the foundation of their musical legacy have been unavailable in digital format until now,” Timothy Trudeau, CEO of Syntax Creative, said. “Today, we are excited to announce that we’re changing that.”

Here’s a list of the titles available through this deal at your favorite digital service provider:

  1. The Crabb Family Still Holdin On 1996
  2. The Crabb Family Yesterday, Today & Forever 1997
  3. The Crabb Family Prayer In Motion 1998
  4. The Crabb Family Live In Nashville 1998
  5. The Crabb Family Crabb Grass 1999
  6. The Crabb Family Pray 2000
  7. The Crabb Family Live From Kentucky 2000
  8. The Crabb Family Living Out The Dream 2001
  9. The Crabb Family Best of The Crabb Family 2003
  10. The Crabb Family Merry Christmas 2003
  11. The Crabb Family A Crabb Collection 2003
  12. The Crabb Family The Walk 2003
  13. The Crabb Family Driven 2004
  14. The Crabb Family Live at Brooklyn Tabernacle 2005
  15. The Crabb Family The Locket 2005
  16. The Crabb Family Blur the Lines 2006
  17. The Crabb Family Letting Go 2007
  18. Jason Crabb Favorites 2008

“There are many providers of digital distribution. After careful due diligence by our team and through recommendations from labels who currently partner with Syntax, the choice was clear for us as a company,” Philip Morris, manager of Jason Crabb, said. “We also love the fact that the staff of Syntax are professing Christians which makes us feel equally yoked in this partnership.”

“When I met Philip and Tina Morris, I knew that I wanted to work with them,” Trudeau said. “They embody the business part of the music business — extremely professional, thoughtful and thorough. The fact that they are pleasant is just a bonus.”

The Crabb Family has always infused a variety of styles and influences into their musical offerings. This multiple Grammy-nominated and 11 time GMA Dove Award-winning family reached a worldwide audience through television and concert appearances. What started from their small country church in rural Kentucky, to the bright lights of the big city at Carnegie Hall and everywhere in between, The Crabb Family has blazed a trail all its own, leaving a legacy of musical excellence and impacting countless lives throughout its career. Jason Crabb’s Through the Fire Ministries, LLC, is the proprietor of The Crabb Family discography and is making the entire catalog available now in digital format. To learn more, visit:

Syntax Creative is one of the top independent digital distributors, design firms and marketing agencies, representing more than 100 record labels. Their impressive list of clientele includes Central South, Crossroads Label Group, Answers In Genesis, Pinecastle Records, Canon Press, Humble Beast, Collision Records among others. To learn more, visit: