Down East Boys Claim Their Third #1 on the Singing News Chart With ‘I’d Like To Tell It Again’

October 17, 2019

The Down East Boys have reached the #1 spot on the Singing News chart for the third time this year with “I’d Like To Tell It Again.” It follows two other #1 songs — “Beat Up Bible” and “Testimony Time” — from their latest album One Day In The Past.

“I’d Like To Tell It Again,” a mid-tempo song written by Chris Allman, reminds people to remember the story of Christ told in the Bible and encourages them to spread the gospel. The verses recount Christ’s time on Earth as the chorus proclaims, “I’m sure you’ve heard about Him, but I’d like to tell it again.”

“We are honored to reach the #1 with ‘I’d Like To Tell It Again,'” says lead singer Ricky Carden. “It’s a message that never gets old and challenges all believers to keep sharing the message that has changed lives and continues to do so today.”