Flowerpot Press’s Songs for Kids Are Ready to Bloom with Syntax

May 8, 2012

The Publishing Company Expects to Grow with High Quality Digital Distribution for Children’s Music

Syntax adds a new dynamic to its extensive list of digital distribution clients as it partners with Flowerpot Press. The partnership provides a fresh platform for Flowerpot’s multi-dimensional, family-fun products to branch out and reach new consumers who are looking for creative, educational children’s entertainment.

“At Flowerpot Press, we are really excited to be working with Syntax to get our content out to more consumers,” says Managing Partner Pat Hayes. “In addition to an expansive children’s book range, we own hundreds of really fun, entertaining kid’s songs. As a company still very focused on physical product, it is great to find a partner who will take the ball and run with it in the digital world. It allows us to participate in what is obviously a growing market without losing focus on our core business.”

Flowerpot Press, based in both Ontario, Canada and Franklin, Tenn., gets the advantage of growing its brand with Syntax’s wide variety of partners that include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and others.

“I’m really excited about the addition of Flowerpot,” Syntax CEO Tim Trudeau says. “They are not a record label and will not be limited to the same old mindset that has plagued the ever-changing music business. They have a knack for creating unique and exciting products that are extremely successful in the physical space. I look forward to converting that same innovation into the digital market while expanding their reach and their clientele.”

The first release through this strategic partnership will be 150 Songs 4 Kids, an affordable six-disc compilation. At select retailers, 150 Songs 4 Kids also will include a special digi-booklet complete with lyrics.

Publisher Anne Hayes says, “Flowerpot loves kids’ product and kids love Flowerpot. Since its launch in 2005, the Flowerpot Press range of books, music, and spoken word have sold tens of millions of units and been enjoyed by kids around the world. With a fun, creative, energy that begins in the corporate culture and ends in high value, highly entertaining products for consumers, Flowerpot Press really is: ‘Planting the seeds that help young minds grow.'”

A division of Quality Junk, Syntax Distribution is a digital distribution and aggregation firm based in San Diego, California, handling many of the top independent artists such as David and Tamela Mann of Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns, Disney’s Next Big Thing winner Jasmine, as well as award winning emcee Flame. Their clientele includes Central South, Crossroads Music, and Bema Media, among others. To learn more about Syntax Distribution, visit: