Lonesome River Band’s “Heyday” goes No. 1 on Bluegrass Today chart

October 5, 2022

“Heyday,” the title track from the Lonesome River Band’s latest album, is No. 1 on this month’s Bluegrass Today radio chart.

A wistful reminiscence cast in the voice of a small town that’s “still sleepy, but… still alive,” the song features new member Adam Miller (mandolin) on lead and subtle, sympathetic solos from fiddler Mike Hartgrove and guitarist Jesse Smathers.

“Many thanks to all the Bluegrass DJs and programmers for their support of ‘Heyday’!” says bandleader and banjoist Sammy Shelor. “This is a well-crafted song by Will and Barry Hutchens that says how I feel about our small towns in rural America.”

“We don’t like what has happened to our small towns,” Shelor continues, “and maybe this is our little contribution to helping the renovation, and bringing light to these forgotten places. We love Small Town America!”

“Heyday” is the second song from this album to reach the top of the chart, following “Mary Ann Is A Pistol.” Both set the tone for the album as a collection of songs that serves both to introduce new members and to extend the group’s influential legacy even further.

Listen to “Heyday” and the rest of the album by clicking here.