Shane Newville’s “Samurai Showdown” Selected as Theme Song for CW’s ‘The Beautiful Life’

September 1, 2009

Renowned artist and sound engineer Shane Newville’s heart-stopping track, “Samurai Showdown,” has been chosen as the theme song for the CW’s highly anticipated television series, “The Beautiful Life: TBL.” The star-studded cast, including Sara Paxton, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Mischa Barton, promises to deliver a show centered around the glamorous lives of models and the fierce competition within the dynamic world of fashion.

“Samurai Showdown” is from Newville’s debut release on Syntax Records, “Formless“. The album showcases Newville’s unique ability to seamlessly blend energetic hip-hop and electronic music, establishing him as a musical force. Boasting a background in sound engineering, Newville is celebrated for his expertise in crafting the perfect beat.

Shane Newville’s journey with Syntax Records began in 2004 when he joined as an artist. Previously, he served on the street team promoting artists that are now his label mates. After attending the SAE Institute in Nashville, Newville’s demo caught the attention of Syntax Records.

Beyond his solo projects, Newville has lent his mixing and editing skills to numerous talented releases on Syntax Records. His work has left an indelible mark in various films and television spots, with a recent highlight being the inclusion of his music in a Panasonic camcorder commercial broadcast on major television networks nationwide.

Audiences can experience the magic of “Samurai Showdown” when “The Beautiful Life: TBL” premieres on the CW this Wednesday, September 16, at 9/8C. For those who miss the initial broadcast, there will be an encore presentation on Friday, September 18th.

Don’t miss the fusion of Shane Newville’s electrifying beats and the glamorous world of high fashion on “The Beautiful Life: TBL”.