Syntax Creative Amplifies Industry Impact With Three New Partnerships

March 14, 2024

Syntax Creative, a leading independent digital distribution and marketing agency, is proud to announce the signing of three new partnerships: Gray Artist Services, 403 Music, and Sound Biscuit. Unlike traditional record labels, these artist services companies and others like them offer artists more freedom and flexibility in their careers.

These exciting collaborations are another example of Syntax Creative’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions for the music business.

As the traditional model for record labels continues to change rapidly, Syntax Creative remains at the forefront of embracing the dynamic ecosystem of digital music and artist services. With the addition of Gray Artist Services, 403 Music, and Sound Biscuit to its roster, Syntax Creative further solidifies its position as a trusted partner for all artists seeking to navigate the complexities of the modern music business.

“We’re thrilled to welcome these three companies,” said Timothy Trudeau, CEO of Syntax Creative. “Each of these companies brings their own unique flavor to how they help artists. By joining forces, we’re confident we will amplify their reach and increase their footprint in the marketplace.”

Gray Artist Services, known for its commitment to fostering emerging talent, seeks to make authentic connections and tell real stories. “We’re always seeking new ways to support our artists,” said Jim Gray, Founder of Gray Artist Services. “By teaming up with Syntax, we can leverage their expertise, resources, and relationships to continue growing and fostering our artists’ to new heights.” Some of their most recent releases include “Forfeit” by Caleb Carpenter and “Shine” by Neighbor.

403 Music is an artist consulting firm that focuses on stewarding the gifts of artists and churches. “Syntax Creative has proven their success in niche genres,” stated Craig Dunnagan, Founder of 403 Music. “We value the experience and resources they bring to the table for us.” Some of 403 Music’s most recent releases include “Undivided Attention” by Southern Steeple and “God So Loved” by Kids Sing Praise.

Sound Biscuit is known for its dedication to high-quality production and fostering a supportive community for artists. “The digital space opens up a world of new potential for an artist,” said Dave Maggard, Founder of Sound Biscuit. “Joining forces with Syntax opens up new avenues for us to connect with listeners and share our music globally.” Sound Biscuit’s most recent release is “Another Train” by Kenny Stinson & Perfect Tym’n.

As the digital music landscape continues to evolve, Syntax Creative remains committed to empowering artists and labels with the tools and support they need to thrive in an industry that keeps moving the goalposts. Through strategic partnerships and a relentless focus on innovation, Syntax Creative is shaping the future of music distribution and artist services, one partnership at a time.