Syntax Creative and Cloudco Entertainment Partner To Bring Care Bears Timeless Melodies To a Global Audience

January 31, 2024

Syntax Creative, a leading digital distribution and marketing company, is thrilled to announce a new deal with Cloudco Entertainment, the company behind the universally adored Care Bears™️ brand. This strategic collaboration brings the music of Care Bears to fans across the globe, expanding their reach through digital avenues.

“Our team is thrilled to join forces with Cloudco Entertainment,” stated Syntax Creative CEO, Timothy Trudeau. “We can’t wait to bring the Care Bears’ message of joy and care to both new and nostalgic audiences around the world.”

Known for their timeless messages of love, empathy, and caring for others, Care Bears have been a beloved part of countless childhoods for over four decades. Now, with Syntax Creative’s expertise in digital distribution, extensive network, and marketing leverage, the enchanting melodies and uplifting tunes associated with Care Bears will be accessible for generations to come.

“The charm of the Care Bears and their heartwarming music have a unique way of striking a chord with people from every walk of life,” said Kristeen Tibbits, VP, Marketing at Cloudco Entertainment. “This partnership lets fans take that magic along with them, fitting the Care Bears’ songs into the soundtrack of their lives, wherever they are.”

This collaboration marks a milestone in digital entertainment, showcasing the timeless appeal of iconic brands to adapt and thrive in today’s evolving digital marketplace.

Myles Hobbs, VP of Global Distribution at Cloudco Entertainment, adds: “Music has the power to elevate our mission of spreading joy and care. Partnering with Syntax Creative is a strategic leap towards engaging our audience in new, dynamic ways.”

With this move, Syntax Creative and Cloudco Entertainment are setting the stage for an era where digital experiences and nostalgia converge, ensuring the legacy of the Care Bears continues to resonate and inspire.