Syntax Creative Announces Partnership With Debbie Winans’ Label LoweKey Entertainment

November 10, 2022

Syntax Creative is honored to announce its partnership with Nashville-based LoweKey Entertainment, home to famed gospel artist Debbie Winans, whose career highlights include opening for Whitney Houston’s Body Guard Tour and performing as a background vocalist for her brother and sister, Bebe & Cece Winans. Her new holiday single “Hustle & Bustle” will release Nov. 18, 2022 and can be pre-saved now by clicking here.

“I felt immediately at home when I met with Syntax on behalf of LoweKey,” Debbie Winans said. “Kindred at heart; small but powerful and purposeful; a company driven by the passion of their business, and focused on their purpose. To find a company led by the heart of an artist with the wisdom of the business is a true treasure.”

“This is full circle,” Syntax Creative CEO Timothy Trudeau said. “We’ve had the privilege to work multiple titles from Debbie and her family in the digital space, including her debut with her sister Angie. All these years later, she is still faithfully creating great art that the world needs to hear, and we love having the opportunity to serve as part of that process.”

The soon-to-drop “Hustle & Bustle” builds on Winans’ success last year with her holiday single “The Story” and will be the first of many more to be released from the 35-year music veteran.

“Today’s digital space is an amazing opportunity to reach people in a more optimal and effective way,” LoweKey co-founder James Lowe said. “I’m just grateful LoweKey has an opportunity to work with Syntax—a company we believe will help us navigate the digital world and help bring our mission to life.”

“Mixing the talent and experience of a veteran with all these new tools and fresh perspectives will be an explosive combination,” Syntax Creative marketing coordinator Erin Moorman said.