Syntax Creative Announces Partnership With Soldier Sound Records

March 22, 2023

Syntax Creative is excited to announce a brand new deal with Soldier Sound Records. The first to come from this new venture is a duo of Nashville-based veteran emcees, Pettidee & Knowdaverbs, collectively known as Village KNG. Their first three singles are “Harriet Tubman”, available now; “Forward Motion”, available March 24; and “Afro Frontier”, arriving at digital service providers on April 28.

“Syntax knows our history,” said Pettidee. “We believe a partnership consisting of our quality music and their innovative ideas and resources is the perfect combination to release music.”

“Not trying to blow his cover,” Syntax Creative CEO Timothy Trudeau said, “but Pettidee is actually a very nice guy and enjoyable to work with. Likewise, Knowdaverbs was one of the first people in the industry who gave me the time of day when I was just a teenager showing interest in the music business.”

For some, the smooth, laid back rhymes of Knowdaverbs and the unabashedly Southern grime of Pettidee may seem like an unlikely fit. However, upon hearing their songs, it becomes instantly clear that this is the combination we’ve been waiting for.

“We were established in the era of gatekeepers. The digital marketplace is a dream come true for groups like ours,” said Knowdaverbs. “Where others only see saturation, we see a vast amount of opportunity.”

In addition to Village KNG, this deal covers the Billboard-charting catalog of Soldier Sound Records, which includes some of Pettidee’s biggest hits such as “The Ghetto”, “Represent”, and “I’m a Vet”.

“Village KNG has so much passion and energy,” said Erin Moorman, marketing coordinator for Syntax Creative. “They make great music, and I look forward to sharing it with our friends at the digital service providers.”